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Sega Saturn Phantom Universal Modchip Incompatibility?

by KoroKoro Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:03 am

I having issues with one particular Japanese white model 2 Saturn.
The mod chip I have is known to work, as I have tested it in my other white jap model 2 - However they are not 100% the same. The working model 2 has a single main board and a 32pin JVC - the non-working machine is a smaller main board with a separate daughter board for the controllers. It also uses the 64pin chip on the CD unit.
It currently plays retail pressed CD games, plays burned audio CDs fine. But when a known-to-be-working burned game is installed, the CD drive spins slightly then states that the CD drive is empty. Can't even play the games audio tracks.
I have so far tried:
• swapping CD drives (Can't read any disc)
• all 3 combinations of the JVC/Sanyo jumper
• confirming I am getting 5v and continuity of the ribbon cables
• I have also tried using an old style mod chip - with all combinations of the 0014 / 0019 jumper. Still plays retail games and burned audio discs. Same behaviour with burned games - empty drive.
Any idea how to get this working? Normally, I would just stick with using the working saturn, but unfortunately VDP has been damaged somehow as it is stuck in PAL 50Hz mode. The only alternatives I can see would be to swap in a working VDP2 or buy another saturn from Japan... I've just last night reinstalled the original VDP2 after an unsuccessful swap from another saturn (which turned out to be dead or incompatible)

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