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Jag's Mod Threads: Consolidated Links - oXbox & PS2/1

by Jagosaurus Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:14 am

So my signature was a MESS. I thought it might be a good idea to place all my mod threads in one place as they are related. It will allow folks to see a single link in a my signature versus 5! Most importantly, I plan on adding to this over time and expanding into different consoles. Hope this help some members.

PS2 Mod Threads: 250GB HDD Install - Softmods: FMcB, OPL, HDL, HDD/USB Load, Emus & PS1 (PSX) Game Loading via USB POPStarter

Original aka oXbox Mod Threads: Softmod Guide I HDD Upgrade (130GB) I Time Server & Time Clock Cap Removal I 80mm LED Fan Upgrade I oXbox Homebrew and Non-Official PC Ports

Yeah, unfortunately Photobucket being paid screwed me over. I will eventually move all these photos to another hosting service and update the threads!

Hey lurkers reading this from Google searches ... join the forum & discuss 8)
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