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WIP (Done?) MMX MSU1 Genesis Audio romhack/mod

by Anapan Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:07 am

Discussion of this is simultaneously happening on two other forums:
Please discuss this on one of those forums. I will provide a link to the final patch here when it is at version 1.0.

Savaged Regime remade/remixed the entire soundtrack to Mega Man X using the Sega Genesis FM and PSG chips and released them as VGM format.
As soon as I heard it, I immediately wanted to play the game with that FM synth soundtrack instead of the roland low bitrate sampled one.
15 minutes of google searching made the process to convert the soundtrack easy and I heard my first MSU1 audio track within an hour. I really just wanted to release the VGM-PCM raw audio, but after almost a week of waiting for a response from the composer, I built a script bat file to fully convert the soundtrack from scratch on your own PC.


Since this is the proper way to release the patch onto romhacking.net, I'd like someone to try the process and verify that it works, is understandable and is reproducible.

Here's my first compiled version with some heavy EQ and DSP added - I'd forgotten the EQ and DSP I had on Winamp when transcoding, and subsequently I had to apply compression to make it loud enough. I think it sounds better on a small speaker system than the raw version, tho clearly adulterated...
The archive contains only the SD2SNES-ready patched SFC rom. If attempting to run it on a PC, it will require applying mmx_msu1_emulator.ips to a clean, headerless 1.1 revision Mega Man X ROM to have it play the audio at the same volume level as the sound effects.

Today Savaged Regime responded to my request and gave me full permission to do whatever I want with his soundtrack rendition as MSU1 SNES stuff is not in his interest.

I'm sure I was too brief in the instructions somewhere.
Does this patch work for you? How should I package and distribute?

edit: the last 3 songs - the credits etc are in the wrong order - fixing soon.
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