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Nintendo 64 Portable power

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:55 am
by Tytytec
I'm working on a Nintendo 64 Portable, but the problem I'm having is that I need a way to make a rig that will have both the 3.3v and the 12v I need to power the system, aside from a 3.3v regulator, 12v regulators, perf board and obviously the batteries, what do I need to get the regulators working?

Re: Nintendo 64 Portable power

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:23 am
by Ziggy587
Whatever regulator you use, look at the datasheet for it. The datasheet should have some circuitry for standard applications.

Depending on what batteries you use, you may need additional circuitry for charging and/or protection. There's lots of homebrew stuff out there you can use, just gotta find the right one. OSH Park has a lot of stuff like this.

Check out the Ben Heck Show on YouTube, if you haven't already, he has a few N64 portable episodes. He also has plenty of other portables that he's done besides N64, but you can take the info and apply it to your own project.

I think Bacteria might be this forum's go-to guy for portables, since he's built his fair share. I haven't seen him on in a while though.

Re: Nintendo 64 Portable power

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:42 am
by bacteria
The N64 uses 3.3v and 5v to run. The 12v line goes to a 7805 which converts to 5v. Hence, you can run the N64 easily with a voltage of 7-16v for that line and a cheap Chinese regulator for the 3.3v line, like this one: ... SwVcFXOcxe

99p including postage. And they work fine, i've used several.

Make sure you get the voltage set 3.1v - 3.3v before you connect to the N64 of course as check it is that. Just use a small screwdriver to set the voltage.

The other consideration of course is the voltage need for your screen, which is why you'd tend to use what the screen needs for the 12v line and the regulator for the 3.3v line as above, however if the screen needs more then you also use a "step up" regulator too.