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HDMI retro consoles

by bacteria Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:23 am

I will be taking on a new commission for another N64 in GBA Organiser case sometime soon however in the meantime am happy to convert a console or two to output to HDMI; I completed the N64 system yesterday, as posted (and it is for sale).

I am going to do Atari 7800 however that needs a proper RGB input with the HDMI adaptor which I didn't have in stock, so used it for the N64 system - so I have just ordered an RGB one for the Atari 7800, same unit as got for the Unity 2 system; it works well.

I have a native RGB Colecovision and native RGB Atari 7800 console board so intend to make them HDMI output.

I can also do HDMI for NES, SNES, MegaDrive, SMS, TurboGrafx as well as N64. Image quality similar or slightly better than original output from console itself, issue is not making system better but more compatible.

Question is would anyone want to commission me to make one? I'd be looking on those systems at £200 plus postage and you supply working console and game (for testing). Can do other consoles too for HDMI however price liable to be higher, eg Saturn, DreamCast, PS1/2, GameCube due to assembly and parts.

Reason for this of course is most modern televisions only input HDMI and of course retro consoles output composite, S-video or component.
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