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Does the micro SD port "need" to be accessible after installing the software?

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Use of the microSD port after installing the software

by jabsder Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:42 am

Hello everybody,
I would like to equip the classic consoles such as NES, Playstation, SNES the Sega Mega Drive etc. with a Raspberry Pi.
Retro Pi or Recalbox should be used as software. These are installed once and the games are then installed either over the network or via USB stick.
I wonder the question whether it is at all necessary to run the micro SD port from the inside of the console to the outside.
This is very expensive and the space at the consoles is limited. But if you have to turn it, the console would have to be screwed again.

What do you all mean? The access to the micro SD port is essential and should be achievable. Or is the insertion of the micro SD card a one-time thing?
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Re: Use of the microSD port after installing the software

by samsonlonghair Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:50 pm

As long as ROMs can be loaded via USB stick, I don't mind the microSD card being hidden away. I would expect that the user should still be able to access the microSD card with nothing more than a screwdriver.
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