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s8n's PS3 fan mod and Control Fan Utility running in tandem

by s8n Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:49 pm

hi guys , i recently CFW'ed 2 of my PS3 Slims and plan on more. With CFW you can do different things like running retail downloaded games from internal or external hard drive , run homebrew etc.............

i have a homebrew app that is called Control Fan Utility , you can gently raise the fan speed of the stock fan inside the PS3 also you can get live readings of the CPU and RSX.

below i have done a fan mod and raised the internal fan speed , under that i am running the internal fan at stock and covered up the fan mod to get the readings.

btw i ran each test for 15 minutes each..............

i have also done this mod for XBOX360 you can see it at the below link..............

chat soon




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