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Saturn 64pin model 2 mod chip problem

by Niode Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:02 pm


I've got a problem with my Saturn mod chip. I bought my mod chip ages ago from racketboy but only just recently got around to fitting it.

I've filed the egdes of the chip down so it fits in properly. I've even done some chassis modding to help ensure a tighter fit. The mod chip is a+b soldered and the 5v cable is soldered to the 5v pin on the psu.

Because it is a 64 pin model 2 i have to mount my mod chip backwards right? (so that the slot for the optical cable slot is facing the right if you're looking down on the saturn from above with the controller ports at the front). This is the crux of the problem. My cable doesn't reach round and will not fit into the slot as it's too short.

What can i do? should i just buy another saturn model 2 and make sure it's a 32 pinner?

This guy has replacement cables. However i have no idea if he ships to UK. I've sent him an email. Does anybody else have any ideas of places to get replacements?
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by Curlypaul Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:10 am

I mounted mine backwards, as shown on that guys site - although my cable did just about reach. I'd contact him and aske if he'd post it to you. He'd be pretty dumb to turn away business.
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