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Coolest Action Replay/Game Genie Codes & tricks you've s

by sv650touring Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:46 am

OK, I remember playing Super MArio Brothers witha Game Genie, and it would let you jump so high you could go past the flagpole and do other "impossible" things. I thought that was neat. Much more interesting than cheating just to make the game easier.

The last time I did it, I completely maxed out a few of my characters in Shining Force 3, Scenario 1, and laiyed the smack down in battle #14. That is the battle where it is "impossible" to save the statue. Well let me assure you that when you can move fast enough and hit hard enough, you can DEFINITELY kill the bad guys before they kill the statue. It was pretty funny, because they look like a bunch of s**t-talking little b***hes when you kill their boss in one hit. Anyways, in case you were wondering, the statue then exploded on its own!

I know mine are lame, but I get tired of entering codes with a controller.

Has anyone done any cool or "impossible" things using cheat codes?
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by metaleggman Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:36 pm

This more nostalgia than a cool code situation, but I remember playing smb3 with my cousin and my sister at my grandma's house. We always would first play smb, get bored, and pop in smb with the ole' game genie. Well, one time, we typed in the skywalker code and one of the warp codes so we would go to the level that's two worlds, one in the clouds and one on land. So, we barely get past the part on the ground and make it to the cloud area, but once we get there, we totally bombed all of those flipping platforms. :lol: Then, since we were both on the same square on the cloud area, we kept on having to fight each other too. It's not really funny to anyone but me tho. I guess nostalgia does that to people. 8)
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by racketboy Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:04 pm

This is a cool topic!
I never used GameGenie etc much, but I'm curious to hear about other's finds.
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by lordofduct Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:31 pm

I can't really remember much we would do with ours. It was for the genesis and it was so long ago that it broke I haven't used it.

I do remember debug code for Sonic though and just filling up screens with as many bad guys as possible. I thought it was so cool that you can add more baddies then the system can handle... and if you start smashing into them the ones that weren't loaded into vram get loaded in and start appearing on screen. Down side is the 'invisible' ones still had collision detection and could hurt you. eh... whatever... I'm a nerd.

but that isn't game genie

hrm... on TJ+E I used to turn all baddies into Santas so I could practice my sneak skill on them (remember that if you sneak up onto santa you scare him and he jumps a couple presents)

not real cool though... eh I suck
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by neohx_7 Wed Feb 21, 2007 12:14 am

I remember figuring out how to modify codes to produce different effects. Remember game genie had these gimmick codes like Super Jump, Mega Jump, Ultra Jump? I took those elements and ran with it and was able to jump through entire stages in a few platformers. I remember Mario Kart had an amazing amount of homemade game genie codes available on the web.

How about
This code will make bananas and shells stay on the course
even after they get hit by a kart. Red shells are nasty.

http://www.videogamesource.com/super-ni ... codes.html
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My confession

by Auyx Fri Apr 13, 2007 4:41 am

I have to confess my sin. I cheated some poor guy out of a PS2 at lanch with my Xploder FX, back in the day
offical UK playstation magazine ran a competition with take two for a game called Moho wich was this wierd game where you had to face a gauntlet and try to get to the finsh line asap with a guy that had a ball for legs.
the compo was to see who had the best score and then the demo would give you a code which you could send in and win a ps2 on its launch day and a few games ps2 and 3 games for first place ps2 and 2 games for second and ps2 and 1 game for third. I had been messing about with the xploders cheat search function for ages before that and figured i could get myself a nice free ps2 for myself. So i went about makeing a code that made the games pysics all screwd up and it made my little man go up hills just as fast as when he was going down hill, this ment i could get stupidly fast times. I remember spending hours figureing the minimum possible time it would take to finish the corse without cheating then shaveing a good 3 seconds off of that time. I sent off my codes with a big self satisfied grin on my face waiting for the results to be published the following issue. Out of the blue i got a call form a woman at take to to tell me i had won first prize but just before my mum gave me the phone i was struck down with fear that I had been rumbled and that it was a call to tell me i hadent won and to tell me off for cheating wich renderd my mouth unuseable, the lady on the phone kept saying hello is this andrew and all i could do was gurgle. My mum realised i was in shock and took the phone from me and sorted everything out for delivery. I still to this day feel guilty that i deprived some poor soul who probobly spent hours working hard at beating the demo of a shiny new ps2. Oh and by the way take 2 screwed me thay didnt send my ps2 till 3 weeks after launch and the games thay sent with my new ps2 where some realy crappy ps1 games. oh well serves me right i guess.
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