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by Mozgus Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:02 am

risk wrote:awsome. you should wrap those exposed cables in electrical tape tho. also, blue controllers are hard to come by now, lucky!

Already did. I heatshrinked it, and used some pullties to make sure the fragile soldered wires in the middle would be tugged as one, in case the cord ever gets pulled tight. I'd hate to pull 1 of the four wires loose inside.


By the way, is that enough blue for ya?

Unfortunately, I am finding that I hate the xbox controller. Even this S model. I really cant understand how the fanboys were complaining about Gamecube's odd controller. It was odd looking, but it was comfortable as hell, and the buttons were all in brilliant places. I just cant wield this damn xbox pad. How does any human press Back, Start, White, or Black in a timely manner? It's impossible.

Also, Marvel Ultimate Alliance automatically detects this as a 360 controller, and even displays the 360 buttons in the GUI. This is great...til I realized that the mapped buttons are all in the wrong places. So when I pull up the supermoves and it shows the 4 face buttons, and I press Y in the game, it actually uses the A move. It gets crazier than that too. Pretty much every single button or function is confused as another. Like the right analog click performs Start. Crazy...
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by risk Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:55 am

thats enough blue :P

for the mua problem. try using joy2key for windows, the latest stuff and remap the keys. otherwise, save a new config and remap the buttons in the driver software you installed to get the controller working.

as for the controller itself. i like it, im used to it. i can play fighting games 100% perfectly on it. can perform combos easily in mvc and other marvel games. fine with any other game. s controller <3
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by james42519 Tue Jun 26, 2007 5:46 pm

haven't really looked much into it but i think that this is easier and maybe cheaper too then getting a usb cable and finding other stuff and the time actually making it. not to mention looks cleaner. nothing against doing it yourself though if you really want to. just don't like seeing stuff hacked up to make something you can buy IMO. i have bought a 72 pic connector for the nes from here and it came fast and works good. i can play games again and i don't even have to push them down anymore to get them to work too. now i sound like i am advertising for them. >.> sorry about that. i really don't mean to.

oh almost forgot. they have drivers at this link too if you need them

sorry about bringing back an old topic but this topic iis one of the reasons i registered anyways.

it can be found here.
http://electricquarter.com/xbox-control ... bd61d7cceb
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by baphomet_irl Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:32 pm

Ramatut4001 wrote:
baphomet_irl wrote:I use my DC arcade stick for PC emus - very nice :)

Do you have a DC to USB adapter or something? I do have an Agetec...

sorry for the extremely late reply lol

yeh i have a venom plus thingy as an adapter - it takes GC, DC and PS2 pads

works fine for me :)

got it on lik-sang i think (RIP)
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by james42519 Tue Jun 26, 2007 10:16 pm

what is the name of that adapter baphomet_irl?
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by Raz1r Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:54 pm

Hey, I just made one out of an extra third-party breakaway cable I got off of eBay for $3. The XBCD driver is amazing.
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