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Looking for a multi format rgb monitor around VA

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:13 pm
by ramblinrose
Bit of a longshot but I’m looking for a multisync monitor relatively locally in or near VA. Hoping to find a 19+ inch model, nothing larger then the 29" ones, so PVM-20L5, BVM-D20, Ikegami-HTM, any of the Nec XM or Mitsubishi Megaviews, etc. I would consider one of the 17in /19in JVC dt-v / Panasonic as well.

I’ve got some nice trades, rare snes games (hagane, evo etc) and nes games, as well as monitors (14L5, 20f1u etc) to offer, or cash if preferred. Also I might be interested in a larger RGB monitor that isn’t multisync - 2950q, 2530, kv-25xbr etc.

Re: Looking for a multi format rgb monitor around VA

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:13 am
by Shogun
I don't have a monitor for you and the PVM has always eluded me for some reason. However its worth checking government auctions, some universities auction off their old equipment. Find local companies that do liquidations and auctions and keep checking them. Check local recyclers to see if any sell anything. I once came across a local church that had a bunch of PVM monitors sitting in storage(missed on that due to job interview). I bought my XM29 Plus off craigslist for $30 so you might get lucky use to set up alerts. Medical surplus companies usually have them but for whatever reason their prices can be really high.

I don't find much in my area but maybe its different around VA: