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Brooklyn, NY WTS/WTT. Pick up location only

by benderx Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:40 pm

Hello anyone in Brooklyn NY - Prospect park South. I'm starting to sell some Consoles and Televisions. All these items have to be pickup only, I will not make any deliveries.
I prefer cash for most of these items. If you have any questions let me know in making a deal. I'm open to trade offers instead of cash.

Here is my ebay feedback %100 [Link]( ... 2531.l4585)
Here is my Want List for combo trading, my stuff
Playstation Vita TV
PS Vita
New 3DS XL
New 2DS XL

PS4 original Controller, Hori depending what kind
Killer Instinct - N64
Star Ocean - PS4
Dragon Quest Builders - ps4

I'm kind of Interested in Flash carts made after 2015:Genesis, snes, N64, GBA. Also bootleg SNES/Genesis carts

The List at the moment "Everything is Sold As Is, still working order unless noted"
CRT Sony WEGA - with remote I believe its a 20 inch screen KV-20FS120 ............ $35
Note: (1) headphone jack, (2) composite,
(1 ) component, (coax/rf) don't know how to call this.
Composite featured in the front side

Sharp Flat screen HD TV DVD combo LC-26DV2U ................ $35
Note: No remote

Thin LCD TV by TruTech: note this TV has some minor dead pixels 19" PLV16190 ................ $20
Note: up to 720p HD. No remote

Most of the gaming consoles will be cleaned up at best. No games included for list below, unless noted
$3 PS2 Red Fraction game : loose
I might sell a PS2 slim model, not sure yet
$30 Nintendo Wii - Color White with 1 wii mote controller Loose. I don't think it had any wii hombrew hack. Mario bros VC game, netflix app. loose console

$7 Mac game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition CIB

$ 55 GameCube - Platinum Console bundle, 3 games, and hookups. 2 Controllers, one original controller, other by intec.
Metroid Prime 1 and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes (missing 2nd disc mutlipayer)
Sonic DX
Note Hairline scratches

$ 5 Street Fighter X Tekken NYC Comic-Con exclusive Capcom Poster

$17 Nintendo DS Lite : 2 DS Lites. Both turns on and it seems to function, Condition screen damage/scratches. Meant for someone willing to repair.
Red and Blue color with black. Top screen is viewable while the other one bottom is no display vice versa opposite issue. Scratches all around. loose/broken hinges each one. No games included.

$20 Sega Genesis console model 1 without "High Definition Graphics" Console loose only. note: not sure if it works or powers on. Genesis lives on in my heart.

$30 Playstation 3 60gb modelOriginal empty Box only- Condition worn/wear/some tape
and One original 60gb hard drive only from the PS3 Phat. Deleted data drive

I may sell 2 Sega Saturn consoles, but not sure at the moment. I may ship it out to someone if he cares to fix it.

$15 DVD Movies- take all
Rushmore- Wes Anderson, bill murray
Johnny Depp - Dead Man
Punch-Drunk Love - Adam Sandler
Alfred Hitcock 5 disc dvds missing 1 disc
Big Lebowski- jeff bridges
Godfather collection
2006 Italian Film festival 11 movies - missing 1 disc

$20 Books/magazines take all for
Mostly thick graphic novels, National geo graphic thick hard cover book, two movie magazine called CLINT: look at pictures

Slowly updating Racketboy


Sony Wega CRT old image(I believe this is the Dreamcast outputing composite)
NES, SNES, n64, wii, Sega Genesis, Saturn, 32x, Dreamcast, PS1-PS4, iMac, x360, Philips CD-i, GB, GBC, GBA, DS Lite. How many Games: 200-350 or more
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