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WTB: Dreamcast accessories and software

by bartre Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:57 am

Hey all,
I'm looking to top off my dreamcast collection with more weird stuff that I don't have.
At this point, I'm not interested in retail games, only weird stuff like demo discs and unlicensed stuff.
In particular, I'm in need of:
Demo Discs (have Generator vol. 1&2 and magazine discs 10&11)
Web browser discs (I'll need pics, Have v1.0)
Bleemcast Tekken 3
Gameshark/Action Replay discs
Import enablers (DC-X, Super game converter)
Individual game demo discs
Nonstandard Accessories (i.e. weird controllers, 3rd party stuff have quantum fighter pad)
VMUs (have standard, green, blue, and black Boxed is a big plus)
Sega brand controllers (have sports, standard, blue, black boxed is a big plus)

I'm also interested in any pins that you might have that relate to gaming, and if it's dreamcast related, even better!
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