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Best Nintendo Pro Controller?

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:50 am
by Ziggy587
Which is Nintendo's best Pro controller?


My thoughts...

Wii Classic Controller Pro - It's basically a Playstation Dual Shock controller, but it has to be tethered to a Wiimote. So it was sort of wireless, but not really. This is very annoying, but something I put up with at the time. I was always partial to the Dual Shock layout, and there's nothing uncomfortable about this controller aside from having a weight hanging off of it.

Wii U Pro Controller - The first time I saw this controller my immediate thought was that they took the Wii Classic Controller Pro and flipped the position of the joysticks with the D-pad and face buttons. But actually, the layout mimics the Gamepad controller. For some reason, I find the Gamepad very comfortable to use but I can't say the same thing about the Pro Controller. My thumbs would cramp up after a while, especially for games that I use the D-Pad and face buttons exclusively. If you are using the D-Pad and face buttons exclusively, instead of having your thumbs pointed more up, which they want to do naturally, you need your thumbs more horizontal and pointing at each other which is very unnatural and uncomfortable. I will say this though, the battery seems to last forever and when it does run out the charging cable they give you is a good length. I can't say the same for PS3 or PS4 controllers, the batteries don't seem to last as long and the charging cables are too short so you can't charge and continue to game. And out of the 3 Nintendo Pro controllers, the Wii U is the only one that has a console power button on it. I guess you could say that the Wii Pro Controller has to be plugged into a Wiimote which has a power button, but the Switch Pro controller has no power button. Sure, with the Switch Pro controller you can return to the menu and put the console to sleep, but the only way to shut the console OFF is to hold down the power button on the console itself.

Switch Pro Controller - This is basically an Xbox One controller, which I must admit works very well. For 3D games, this seems like the most comfortable controller layout. However, for classic style games, I find the Dual Shock layout (which is basically a SNES controller) to be more comfortable. The left stick is very comfortable to use, but my thumb gets a little cramp after using the D-Pad for a while. And even before it cramps up, I feel like I can't use the D-Pad as well as I could on a SNES or Playstation controller. This is a shame because the Switch has so many classic or retro-style games on it. For me, it's pretty much a necessity to have the Pro controller for modern 3D games and a more classic style controller for 2D and retro games. What happen to the days when you used ONE controller on a console? The past 3 Nintendo consoles required (if you are more than a casual gamer) you to have 2 different designed controllers! Also, as mentioned above, not being able to turn the console off form the controller is very annoying.

So which do I like best? As far as just the feel of it, as in how comfortable it is the button layout, I think my favorite is the Wii Classic Controller Pro. Even for modern 3D games that have you using the joysticks a lot, I don't find them uncomfortable to use. I can't say the same when you have to reach to that position for the D-Pad and face buttons, however. But, the Wii Pro Controller has that annoying part were you need to plug into a Wiimote with a short cable. I wish they made a Wii Pro Controller that also acted as a Wiimote, basically the same Pro Controller but with a pointer on the top of it so it could be truly wireless but you could still navigate the system menu with it. So even though I think the Wii Pro Controller is more comfortable, I think I'm going to have to go with the Switch Pro Controller. It is completely wireless. The battery charge last a long time, and they give you a really long charging cable. On top of that, if you plug the Switch Pro Controller into a USB port on a PC it will be recognized as a standard controller! I know you can buy an adapter for the Wii Pro Controller to use it on PC, but the Switch Pro Controller doesn't require anything extra to use it on PC. So you purchase 1 controller but you can use it on 2 systems.

Re: Best Nintendo Pro Controller?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:02 pm
by opa
I've only used the Switch and Wii Pro controller. Gotta give it to the Wii.
The Wii is my emulation box and the d-pad is in the correct place for all the Sega, Snes, and Game Boy games I want to play.
Also, if you want uber-hipster-gamer-street cred you can play with a gold Zelda Wiimote and a Goldeneye classic controller.

Re: Best Nintendo Pro Controller?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:48 pm
by Ziggy587
Lol yep, I have the gold one that was bundled with Goldeneye. It's definitely an awesome controller, and I was always comfortable with it, I just hated that it had to be tethered to the Wiimote. I think I could easily make it my vote if it weren't for that.

Re: Best Nintendo Pro Controller?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 10:38 pm
by samsonlonghair
That WiiU Pro Controller feels like the best controller I’ve ever held.

Re: Best Nintendo Pro Controller?

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 4:22 am
by Anapan
I prefer the WiiU Pro over the others. Very solid feeling. I also like the original Wii Classic controller (not pro).