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Top Recommendations for SNES Console Hardware

by racketboy Sat Apr 11, 2020 10:29 am

I'm in the middle of redoing the SNES 101 Beginners Guide and wanted some feedback on console hardware recommendations. Here's what I have for top recommendations and then extra mentions. I'm going to include links to RetroRGB as they are they have the nice, concise but technical write-ups on the video output and technical differences

Let me know what you think I should do to improve the write-ups and recommendations (including if I'm overlooking something).
And we want this to be worded in a way that isn't too intimidating to a relative beginner.

Most Common Hardware Options

The original Super Nintendo / Super Famicom Console
This 1990 hardware design is the most iconic of Nintendo’s 16-bit era. The Japanese Super Famicom and the PAL Super Nintendo Entertainment system share the same design while the American release is a bit bulkier (and more sturdy). There’s also some slight color differences between the region variants. These units originally were used with RF, Composite or S-Video output, but they can output native RGB with recent cables like HD Retrovision. It should be noted that there are two era variations of this model: a 1CHIP and a 2CHIP that have differences in video quality. [You can read more on this topic at RetroRGB](

SNES 2 / Super Famicom Jr.
In October of 1997 Nintendo released an SNES 2, this version was slimmer, stripped of the S Video connection and RF output. It came bundled with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island at a price of US$99. A similar Super Famicom Jr. was released in Japan around the same time. The SNES Mini/Jr requires a modification to support RGB video output. However, it should be mentioned that a Modded SNES Mini ([read more info]( can have some of the best video output with its “1CHIP” setup. [Read more about this at RetroRGB’s guide to SNES Version Comparisons](

Analogue Super Nt
There have been a lot of cheap SNES clones over the last couple of decades, but Analogue is essentially the Apple of modern retro console hardware. They developed a full FPGA-based SNES console that produces very accurate hardware emulation with great HDMI video output. It is designed to play everyone’s SNES cartridges, but also has a firmware upgrade that lets you run SNES ROMs off of an SD Card and have a lot configuration options for retro tech geeks. If you want the easier way to play SNES classics on your modern TV, this is your best bet.

Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition (SNES Mini)
Even though this is a software emulation solution, it is an official Nintendo product and is a pretty solid solution for certain use cases. While die-hard retro gamers wouldn’t choose it as their only Super Nintendo, its great for either those new to classic gaming or want to re-explore some something they grew up with or as an extra low-cost, easy family machine that works wonderfully on modern TVs via HDMI video output. It comes bundled with a lot of the best games in the library (and there are hacks to allow you to add extra game ROMs) and the software interface is pretty nice — including a great interface for save states.

Additional SNES Hardware Options
* Hyperkin Supaboy - add in short description here
* Hyperkin Retron5 - add in short description here
* Lots of other Cheap Clones
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Re: Top Recommendations for SNES Console Hardware

by Anapan Sun Apr 12, 2020 10:56 pm

All looks good to me too. I had my New-Style Super NES modded for RGB and the video quality is awesome.
Might mention Retrobit Retro Trio. The Retro Duo Portable is pretty neat as well. I just didn't like that even its internal screen (as good as it is) is using composite video.
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