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Re: Can we talk about 3DS models?

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:13 pm
by Tanooki
That's entirely the case. Each handheld since the original Gameboy has built upon the last until at some rate compatibility is dropped. The GB used a 4mhz Z80, then the GBC used the 8mhz one that allowed it's only for GBC level quality of games. That chip then was lifted into the GBA coupled with the ARM7 that allowed both backwards compatibility but was also used as an extra CPU primarily used for audio processing in some titles. They dropped the z80 though when the GBA went to DS and that DS then went from the ARM7 to the ARM9. Then came the 3DS again with the ARM going up yet again with the ARM11. The New3DS still uses that but a meatier version like the original GB to GBC jump.

So when it comes to the SNES, it's not a chipset based on the ARM where it can just re-use the same calls and simulate the few that don't exist to get around such things so it's all emulator, and for Nintendo the 3DS wasn't enough. The added boost in speed to the ARM11 along with the added various types of RAM they boosted give it the ability to do the SNES in its VC so it's an exclusive feature.

Re: Can we talk about 3DS models?

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:49 am
by Jagosaurus
Sarge wrote:
Jagosaurus wrote:Two things...

Most of the OG models I've seen that actually go in pockets get that scratch ring on the upper screen (from the bottom border).

I am almost certain on this but recalling from a few year back... DS games, when ran at native resolution (hold start upon booting) on a 3DS XL are almost the exact same size as the DSi XL. Meaning you have a DSi XL and 3DS XL in one without stretching games out to weird aspect ratios. Cool bonus.

This may have already been addressed, but the screen size matches a DSi XL only in the stretched mode. Using pixel-perfect resolution reduces it to closer to the size of a DS Lite or regular DSi.

I don't own the system to measure anymore, but measurements below. Looks like you're right. It is all 3 systems screen real estate-wise: 3DS, DSi XL (stretched), & DS Lite.

This video does a good job showing the stretched mode (3DS XL next to a DSi XL). ...

This video does a good job showing the native mode. I see a GBA slot so I think that's a DSlite compared to a 3DS XL. Gameplay screens look same in size. ...

3DS XL - 4.88" (lower screen smaller at 4.18")
DSi XL - 4.2"
DSi - 3.25"
DS Lite - 3"

Re: Can we talk about 3DS models?

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:48 pm
by noiseredux
Tanooki wrote:Turn around a week on what?

Today was a week, and I was getting impatient.... and then thought I should check my spam folder. Sigh. They sent me an update on THURSDAY saying they fixed this for me and I should be able to link my Nintendo ID now. Wish I had checked sooner, haha. I'm tempted to download Link To The Past AKA one of my favorite games of all time just because I can now.

Re: Can we talk about 3DS models?

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:35 pm
by Tanooki
Hehe oops. They say one thing at Nintendo, but then come up short with the wait time fixing things faster in my experience. I think they like to hold to Mr Scott's rules of engineering. Over shoot your goals, so when you do get it done fast, you come off looking like a miracle worker.

Re: Can we talk about 3DS models?

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:15 am
by noiseredux
yeah, that's cool. I was able to successfully link the Nintendo ID and it turns out I had several Virtual Console games that I didn't even remember owning. That re-release of Four Swords Adventure was (I believe) something they gave out free? But then I apparently had Metroid and Oracle Of Ages for some reason. I still downloaded Link To The Past though because it's Link To The Past.

Re: Can we talk about 3DS models?

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:46 am
by Tanooki
Hidden goodies of lost memories, the best. I had that happen a few years back when I got an iphone 5s. I had an ipad2 before it that broke over time and was using another style phone. When I got upgraded into it suddenly like 1/2 my ipad purchases popped up on the phone and it was like getting free candy. :D