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Bootleg GBA Boxes?

by avrame Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:06 pm

Anyone collect CIB GBA games? I started getting into GBA again after modding my GBA with a AGS-101 backlit screen, and jumped headfirst into collecting CIB games.

From what I can tell, I've been using common sense on eBay and avoiding huge resellers, targeting seller with lower numbers, long-term memberships (3+ years on eBay), and that do not have multiple copies of the same game. I've been opening and testing every game I've collected so far, and have not come across any suspicious carts yet.

Among all my CIB games, I do have a CIB Circle of the Moon, which I scored some 6 years ago at a pawn shop, and I noticed that the box is VERY different internally than I have gotten on games I have purchased in the past: There is no cart tray, and the box feels thin, and the interior of the box is plain white.

What I expected: ... SwfJJZaF61

What I have: ... SwdGFYuihf

Were there different releases/skus, or did I get a knock-off way back in the day? :P
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