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New Set of late 2016/2017 Game Boy Color Multicarts

by Tanooki Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:02 pm

These things unless I'm missing something are pretty special.

You know with a few threads going on about collecting, price problems and youtube perhaps to blame this seems kind of like a nice place to toss this for some fun. I've been panning ebay for a bit now for gameboy goodies that time, inflation, and commodity brokers more or less ignored and came across a real oddity.

There appears to be this thing called the Super 22 in 1 branded in either a yellow GB shell. It also has 3 smaller brothers in red, blue and green with their own game lists with 18, 19, and 20 in 1 releases.


Found the source with all 4 in one shot on alibaba: ... 8a73Ew0AiT

Any thoughts? I'm quite tempted to snap up the set as each has a few lovely games on it and a good way to dodge feeding the beast plus the benefit of a closed little collection to play on the go. All four can be had also from Thailand on ebay with buyer protection for $10 less than alibaba.

By the way to save you the trouble -- all 4 game lists:
The Yellow color 22 in 1 Game List:

1. Pokemon Yellow
2. Pokemon Gold
3. Pokemon Blue
4. Pokemon Silver
5. Pokemon Crystal
6. Pokemon Pinball
7. Pokemon Red
8. Pokemon Trading Card Game
9. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
10. Resident Evil
11. Mega Man X1
12. Mega Man X2
13. Harvest Moon
14. Harvest Moon 2
15. Harvest Moon 3
16. Evil Knievel
17. Ghosts and Goblins
18. Mortal Kombat
19. Konami Collection Volume 1
20. Konami Collection Volume 2
21. Earthworm Jim
22. Extreme Ghostbusters

The Blue Color 18 in 1 Game List:

1 Dragon Warrior 1 + 2
2 Dragon Warrior 3
4 Cannon Fodder
5 Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel
6 Legend Of Zelda - Oracle Of Ages
7 Legend Of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX
8 Legend Of Zelda - Oracle Of Seasons
9 Bionic Commando: Elite Forces
10 bomberman quest
11 R-Type DX
12 Survival Kids
13 Spy VS Spy
14 The Simpsons - Night Of The Living Treehouse Of Horror
15 Adventure Island
16 Adventure Island II
17 Super Contra 1
18 Super Contra 2

The Red Color 19 in 1 Game List:

1 tomb raider: curse of the sword
2 tombraider
3 Conker's Pocket Tales
4 Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors
5 Looney Tunes Collector: Alert
6 Looney Tunes: Marvin Strikes Back
7 pokemon diamond?
8 Tetris DX
9 daikatana
10 magi nation
11 lego island 2-the bricksters revenge
12 swiv
13 action man
14 croc2
15 sgt rock on the front line
16 world destruction league thunder tanks
17 thunderbirds
18 army men sarges heroes2
19 army men air combat

The Green Color 20 in 1 Game List:

2.perfect dark
3.donkey kong country ocean - bluephere
5.duke nukem
6.super mario bros: deluxe
7.wario land 2
8.wario land 3
9.mario golf
10.mario tennis and watch gallery 2 and watch gallery 3
14.megaman II
15.megaman III
16.castlevania - legends
17.hands of time
18.return of the ninja
19.kirby's dream land
20.spud's adventure
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Re: New Set of late 2016/2017 Game Boy Color Multicarts

by fastbilly1 Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:23 pm

SGB support?
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Re: New Set of late 2016/2017 Game Boy Color Multicarts

by Betagam7 Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:07 pm

In the last year I've noticed the Guangzhou clone cart industry turning in this odd reverse direction. A year ago stores seemed to be understanding the western desire for full on repros, now they seem to be turning back to their old ways of bunging a load of roms onto one cart and many have started knocking out ones with no battery backup again.

These are all over btw. The cheapest is around £6.50

I wonder how the battery works in them?

fastbilly1 wrote:SGB support?

My Chinese bootleg of Trip World does so quite possibly.
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Re: New Set of late 2016/2017 Game Boy Color Multicarts

by Tanooki Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:58 pm

I am still trying to dig up info, but if I can't get too far into it I may just end up buying the damn things to figure it out myself.

All I gather now is nothing about Super Gameboy so I don't know. They do save, and for each game too with their own spot.

What I can't find out is are these all the US/english versions of games, or just some? Will the saving work for each game AND not overwrite the save on the other games (like the NES ones from 2015-2016 do), if they have that super gameboy border now that you brought that up, and what kind of board/chipset are within as if they're some decent form of quality.

One thing that lends to english, the 22in1 has KOnami GB Collection Vol3 and 4, and the contents are the GBC(not SGB Japanese) english releases. That means Goemon, Caslevania II, Gradius II, etc.

I could only find one video online of the 22in1 and a very quickly retired 16in1 which had the 22in1 games but less (it's a replacement.)

Here's that video:
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