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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile: Opinions, tips and strategies

by Ivo Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:53 am

As a heads up, there is a Hero Fest banner right now for a few days where there is a single focus hero of each Orb type, the focus percent is 5% instead of 3% (!) and they are all top heroes - Ryoma, Hector, Azura and Takumi. Further, only Takumi was in a focus banner before so not only are these powerful they are/were somewhat rare.

EDIT: and next voting gauntlet is Mages, Nino isn't in it but Tharja and Linde are. You can get Tharja as 4* but Linde is another rare top unit that is hard to get.
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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile: Opinions, tips and strategies

by Michi Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:24 pm

Anyone else still playing? I get on just about every day to play a few maps and pick up the freebies they give away. They've added a couple of features and modes since the last post:

Tempest Trials: Pick your best team, then battle through multiple maps in a row. The goal is to clear all the maps without dying. The better your team does and the faster you win, the higher your score. The rewards range from shards, to orbs, to free 4 and 5-star units that can't be obtained elsewhere. It's pretty challenging at the higher difficulties.

Skill Inheritance: Pretty self explanatory. You can now have one unit inherit skills from another unit. Some skills aren't inheritable to all units (weapon users can't inherit tomes, sword users can't inherit axes/lance, for instance), but it's a great way to beef up your teams.

Arena Assault: Similar to Tempest Trials, except every time you change a map, you also have to change your team. And if you happen to have a double, you can't use the same unit on a different team. Winning a certain number of battles (up to 7) nets you unique items you can use to aid you in the Arena (like boots that increase movement for 1 turn.) You also get Feathers and something called Sacred Coins for participating. I'm still not sure what the later is used for. They're supposed to tell us some time in October.

Ally/Summoner Support: Choose allies to form bonds with. With Ally Support, you choose two allies whom you wish to form a bond. As those two allies battle, the bond increases. Bonds start at C and progress to B, A and S. These increases are accompanied by stat boosts. If both allies are next to each other in battle and have the S ranked bond, they get an additional two points in each of the 4 main stats. Summoner Support is similar, except you can only choose one ally to bond with, but along with the extra stats given out in Ally Support, your chosen unit for Summoner Support also receives 5 extra HP.

As for the units, I've currently got the following in 5-Star:
Erika (x2)
Brave Roy

Brave Lucina (x2)
Nowi (x2)


Takumi (x2)

If you can't tell from that, I'm still lacking when it comes to the green units :lol: I'm probably going to up Nino to 5-star so I can have a kick-ass green mage.

I'm currently using an all Cavalry team in the Arena at the moment. With all the stat boosts I've gotten thanks to inheritance I've gotten up to tier 16 pretty quickly. It's not something I really focus on, but it's nice for the orbs and feather bonus.
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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile: Opinions, tips and strategies

by Ivo Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:13 pm

I stopped playing a while ago.

Nino is worthwhile to 5*, particularly as you have 5* Eirika already (they make a very good duo).

If you are running "Horse Emblem" (all cavalry team with Hone buffs) it is worth considering getting one of your free Cecilia (green mage on a horse) and inheriting a Nino's Blade tome onto her; or alternatively, putting Triangle Adept from someone (regular Roy has it at 4*) to benefit from the Raven tome that Cecilia has.
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