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Switch Discussion Thread

by ElkinFencer10 Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:55 pm

So with all of these "leaks" and rumors, and E3 coming up, I figured it would be fun and interesting to share our own predictions about the upcoming console. These don't necessarily have to be things that have been leaked or rumors or anything - Nintendo has proven that the rumors may or may not be credible with the respect to the final product.

I'll give my predictions to kick things off. First off, I think that they will return to a more traditional control scheme. I, personally, loved the Wiimote and the Wii U Gamepad, but they weren't the biggest hit in terms of attracting or keeping third party support. I'm not saying they'll go back to an entirely traditional control scheme like the Xbox One, but more like what the Playstation 4 has with the touch pad and light bar that interacts with the optional camera (optional being the key word there rather than requiring a potentially unpopular accessory like the touchscreen controller).

In terms of physical media, I do think that it will support physical media, though Nintendo is certainly pushing digital media HARD with the structure of the My Nintendo program. I think they'll go with a proprietary card or cartridge like the Playstation Vita did to cut down on loading times as well as (and here's my next prediction) work with a handheld component. I think the NX will be, at its core, a home console, but I think that there will be a handheld device that you can purchase separately (or in a bundle) that can play the games on the go albeit with lower performance - think playing a PC game on Ultra vs playing the same game with everything on the lowest settings. Now I'm not well versed in coding or anything, so I'm well aware that what I'm saying might not even be possible without an insane price tag, but since this entire thread is supposed to be speculative, I figured I'd throw that out as my potentially outlandish prediction.

I also think that will be either a second 8th generation console OR the first of two 9th generation consoles (I'm not sure which or if we'd even be able to say definitively until other companies' hardware comes out years down the line). While I think it will be substantially more powerful than the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, I don't think it would be on par with the inevitable Playstation 5 and likely Xbox Alpha (or Xbox A or whatever stupid bullshit name Microsoft comes up with), so I think that Nintendo would release another console a year or two after those releases to compete more directly with them since Nintendo has always (at least in North America) stuck with a roughly five year life cycle for its home consoles whereas Sony and especially Microsoft don't.

Lastly, I do not think it will feature any Wii U or 3DS backwards compatibility. I think they'll go for an x86 architecture (that's one rumor I do believe) to make it easier to port games from other consoles, but from my understanding (which may very easily be incorrect; feel free to correct if you're more knowledgeable about that than I), you'd have the issue that PS3 had with PS2 backwards compatibility; you'd have to have the guts of a Wii U stuck inside the new console if you wanted to pull it off. Since Nintendo is going to have to lure gamers to the new machine after the disastrous Wii U (even though I think it's a damn great platform), a needlessly high price tag is NOT the way to go.

Those are just my predictions, though. I'd love to hear some of yall's thoughts about the mysterious new console and get some discussion going.
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by BoneSnapDeez Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:00 pm

New Super Mario Bros. NX
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by Sarge Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:56 pm

I think the system is going to be close to or at parity with the current gen. No more. I also think they're going to drop BC.
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by Fragems Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:22 pm

I think it will be called the NEW Wii4DS U. Not really but I hope they don't come up with another horrible name that confuses the hell out of the general public.

In a perfect world it will be something that is at least comparable to the other current gen systems in specs and has a more polished online setup given their current drive for digital sales. I also don't think any company is ballsy enough to cut physical releases out entirely so I expect it to either have either some a Bluray drive or some memory cartridge setup going. Honestly if they were smart they would give it the capability of playing Bluray/DVDs as well it's kind of idiotic that you have to soft mod DVD support into the Wii :lol: .
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by prfsnl_gmr Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:32 pm

I am thinking it will be a digital-only, proto-Steambox with specs comparable to current gen systems. We'll see!
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by Xeogred Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:17 pm

Sarge wrote:I think the system is going to be close to or at parity with the current gen. No more. I also think they're going to drop BC.

Why? Keeping backwards compatibility would keep those Wii U titles moving.

My biggest fear is them rebooting the online store again. My faith in their online services is extremely low so I won't be surprised. But hey, the U is a good system, plays Wii games, and has a nice VC lineup (plus the Wii's)... even when the NX hits I will probably keep out the U. Which is basically what I argued for the PS3 as well. People acted like the PS4 not having backward compatibility was going to self destruct the old systems. lol
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by Exhuminator Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:18 pm

ElkinFencer10 wrote:Lastly, I do not think it will feature any Wii U or 3DS backwards compatibility.

I'm thinking the NX handheld will support 3DS retro-compatibility. The NX handheld may be single screen, but even so it could display both 3DS screens on a single screen using scaling for instance.

I think the NX console will be retro-compatible with Wii U by using an optical media adapter that will cost extra (not included in base package). The GamePad in turn will be compatible simply using its wi-fi protocol. If the optical media adapter is meant for Wii U only, it might include the required Wii U chipsets for compatibility. If for instance the internal architecture of the NX doesn't support it natively.

I think that by default the NX handheld and consoles will be skewed towards digital only. The NX handheld may support 3DS through eShop purchases. The NX console will likely support physical media optionally, through perhaps that same adapter which can play Wii U games. Which means if you want to buy NX console games physically, you still can. But I'm guessing that practice will be discouraged, and over the lifespan of the NX console it's likely we'll see less and less games released in physical format for it.

Speculation is fun.
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by flojocabron Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:30 pm

I really hope they dont do those funky controllers like the fake mock ups that went around the last few weeks.

I dont see those fancy controllers surviving much in little kids hands let alone getting scuffed up and damaged while hunting for them used at the fleamarkets.

We've all seen those nasty looking PS2 controllers in the past. Can we expect the same fate for NX controllers 5-10 years from now?

As cool as they look I dont see much longevity in those controllers for common joe collector.

I know there will probably be replacement shells for stuff like this in the future, so my little rant may not mean much....
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by Sarge Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:07 pm

There's an easier way to keep those Wii U titles moving: porting it to buy digitally. We've already seen PS4/XB1 remasters out the wazoo, and we've also seen PS2 and PS3 titles ported to the storefront as well. I just think they're going to make a split with the current architecture, just like Sony and Microsoft did, and I don't know that they'll go Microsoft's route and include BC. I'd love it if they did... but I don't think it's going to happen.

Now, I think there might be a possibility for 3DS BC with the handheld, but that's all I'm holding my breath for.
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Re: NX Predictions Thread

by Tanooki Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:32 pm

Well I have some feeling on this going by not what the media like to blather about directly, but what has been picked up indirectly or in what would not seem like a directly related story.

Let's go back to the WiiU starting to fail within a year. Around that time Iwata folded the Japanese hardware teams for console and handheld into one unit so they can work better and communicate better together on projects.

Since that time there have been other things they've said or done, or deals struck. How about DENA? Interesting they get that deep in bed with an online (mobile) powerhouse with the know how they stubbornly would lack to learn. Then there was the times since a certain point with them fishing for Android and iOS developers to work on media for them.

During some talk during stock handler talks in Japan they start going on about a new direction, not just quality of life, but when they said they weren't abandoning traditional gaming but needed to change. They spoke of the need to have a more unified front (ie back to the merging of r&d I said) and also how they wanted to have some form of scalable hardware and design. Knowing they're stronger in handheld (even against mobile devices now) and weak with consoles where they no longer can keep up or developer interest they chart another course.

Recent talks about the NX have them being outed by a credible source who repeatedly on another popular site has been nearly dead on the nose right ratting out upcoming tech from console makers (sorry name escapes me) but we see what he puts out. Notable in that was Nintendo fearing to show off the NX operating system at this point, why? Because it looks and behaves like Android despite Nintendo adamantly saying it's not an Android based system. Yet it is, or at least it's NintendOS much like oh, hmm... Amazon's FireOS which is a hacked/tweaked Android too. Furthermore the truth supposedly is that you can pick up and drop existing Android and current/last gen console code with little to no effort and throw it up on the NX and it will work with minor tweaks and the system is so easy to code for a college programming student could make it far out more than Hello World! Then we get these tidbits about being a handheld, being a console, being both. Play that back to the unified setup and scalable hardware, where that leave us?

My prediction on this. It's one and it's both...hardware and software. I think we have ourselves Nintendo being smart (finally) and realizing they suck at certain things and going for the dodge. They can't stand alone on handheld forever with that erosion, and they're bluntly put fucked with consoles. NX is a handheld and a console, or perhaps it's a handheld with the beef of a console that in either form can go with you or be jacked into a TV...think Nvidia Shield Tablet or the standalone console system. That thing can run modern PC and PS3+ level type games. It's an Android box, running a slightly tweak Nvidia version of Android, say perhaps much like an NintendoOS based on android?

Let's assume I'm not full of it and right. Nintendo has a viable way to survive and still avoid Sony and MS, of course they'd no be butting heads with Nvidia, Google(play), Madcatz and the others in the android micro console market. But whereas Ouya was laughable, Nintendo isn't, they have their IP warehouse to exploit. Now think of this, if that OS is mostly say 90% reskinned android and back to that DENA deal. You're opening the door where Nintendo can have physical releases still on cards (ditch the discs for handheld sake as they sucked on PSP as UMD) but you also have the massive eShop and Nintendo Network. Anyone with the will and an android app could submit to Nintendo to have their stuff tossed up on their eShop much like on google play/amazon. Suddenly you have the merging of the world of Gameboy/3-DS on media with the digital lease setup of Android bringing much needed life to the thing and as you know those games are free, freemium or minimal pay where usually Square/Namco are the high water mark around $15-20 for a game.

I think that's what we're looking at. Nintendo making a handheld/dockable or handheld+console device that runs their own stuff but also Android code based games/apps too they'll approve for their eshop. The hardware will be potent much like the Nvidia Shield tablet/console has but greater so it can exist comfortably for years. They can get third party support from the old timers and new fish since they've gone that route because they can drag and drop their games on there with little effort to rake in some more coin as it's all digital unless they choose to make a physical release.
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