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Re: Sim City (SNES) - Any Fans? + Bug Questions

by Tanooki Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:04 pm

In my college days I ran one as long as i could which was like 2-3 years time, but when it was around I had a decent following at my site GB World which covered GB and GBC games. I had daily news for anything related to the handheld I'd pick off various period feeds, the occasional preview if it really was worth my time, daily review of some game new or old. Since I've owned a bunch of GB games over the years even then, it wasn't hard 5 times a week to pop out a page long review with like 4 screen caps as I could go from memory and skill.

I do miss that time, but with the hours I have free anymore I'd have to give up playing games, watching movies, or basically relaxing now to find time to run a little fan blog site to do such things which is a shame. :( Because of that I like the underdogs who keep up old sites like the SimCity one, or the general semi-underground TinyCartridge which covers handhelds, originally was just Tiny GB cartridges, and there have been others.
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