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Wii: A failure

by RCBH928 Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:04 am

Would any one be upset if I announced the Wii a videogame failure?
Maybe a lot of you will, but truth is, this is how I see it.

1) For $100 difference you get ps3 or 360, which is a huge storage, solid online gameplay, downloadable content, media hub, and with ps3 you get a bluray player. That got to be worth it!

2) Only 12 games scored 9/10(according to gamespot, IGN 14), 2 of them are last gen. ports, 1 is a short WiiWare title, and there is only 1 game in that category that is 3rd party exclusive.
compare to ps3: 30-9/10 titles , including 2 psn titles, 1 last gen. game(at least in HD).
360: 34-9/10 titles

3) For ps3/360, you need to buy 1 extra controller per player, for Wii 2 extra controllers per player(Wiimote+nunchuck), not only more expensive but harder to store and keep track of(since its 8 pieces in all for 4 players compare to 4 pieces on other systems)

4) 1 interesting game. Yes , I think up until now that is the only game that is worth while on the Wii. That is Mario Galaxy.

Here is how, Mario Galaxy is the only game that is unmatched by other systems. Its beautiful and wonderful game with amazing art direction. Here is the explanation for the other games you thought worthwhile.

Zelda: Gamecube game, not to mention Fallout 3, Oblivion, and others eat it for breakfast
Metroid 3: A sequel to gamecube titles, which really has only different control scheme, Do you really want to compare it to 360/ps3 FPS?
Brawl: I might be able to let this one slip, but most people prefer the gamecube version
Mario Kart: Sucks, Gamecube version is much more fun and enjoyable than this idiot-proof version
No More Heroes: The better (and HD version) are going multiplat.
Zack&Wiki+Boom Blox: Good games, but worth buying a console for?

Thats about all the games worth while for the Wii, and you see how they are not worth it. In every generation even if Nintendo is not first it had great titles to differentiate it, Super Mario, Final Fantasy, 007, Ocarina, RE4, Eternal Darkness, Rogue Leader, Wind Waker.

This time around the Wii has nothing really compared to others, except Mario Galaxy.
My friends bought the Wii on the hope that it is a great multiplayer, we just can't find the interesting games. PES, Halo, MW2, and even Raw vs Smackdown keeps us busy on the 360/ps3. Not it sits for like 2 years unused.

I gave this console a lot of chances, and waited for a long time, its just not worth it.

In conclusion, the Wii is not a bad console, but there is no reason to buy it. The place where it really shines is VC and its a great console of kids (14 and younger), its basically a toy more than a console as we know them.
The ps3/360 easily beats the Wii in every possible way except sales and gaming for those new to videogames.

Its like why buy the Chevy when you can get the Porsche?
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Re: Wii: A failure

by nickfil Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:10 am

this is why if you have one, you throw hombrew on it. You really have nothing to lose.

FYI, There are quite a few games that are not a critic's 9 that are still great games. Dead space extraction and muramasa come to mind just off the top of my head.

But you are right- there arn't enough decent titles on the wii. I'll absolutely agree with that. I honestly think that "innovating" the control scheme scared away a lot of developers... or at least threw them for a loop. Why make a game for the wii when you can make the same games you've been making for your entire career on the 360/ps3?
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Re: Wii: A failure

by silverback Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:34 am

My Mrs bought me one for my birthday, I said I'll never use it, she said that's fine I will. Yeah she bought herself a present for my birthday :lol:

Its sat unused for months. In fact it only gets turned on when the drive flashes so we can do the update or whatever to stop it flashing.

I did the other day though install the web browser as its now free (about time) and since I'm in the UK also added the BBC i player channel.

The thing is the graphics are so crap its like watching a VHS again.

The 360 in a decent resolution even with SD dvd's is great on a decent telly. The PS3 with its Blueray is again awesome.

I fail to see the sense in not equipping the wii with HD output, its stupid.

It won't play dvd movies either.

Then the games, garbage. I have got a few so called gemes not impressed at all.

The best thing about the wii is the fact you can play your gamecube stuff on it.

The wii appealed to that key area, stupid fat people and their kids thats why it sold so well.
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Re: Wii: A failure

by fingersmaloy Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:59 am

In theory, it's going for a different market than the PS3 and 360, not directly competing with them. It fills the gaps left by the other two systems and is accessible to the more casual consumer. I think a lot of people choose EITHER PS3 OR 360 because they have so many overlapping titles, but you could have either of those AND a Wii and very little overlapping. Whether or not you find the Wii titles interesting is just a matter of opinion. I have a PS3 but lately often find myself thinking I wish I had a Wii too. Most of my PS3 titles with co-op only have online co-op, so I can play with my friends overseas but not with my girlfriend sitting next to me. The Wii would totally fill that blank. Plus they've got the Virtual Console and a few killer exclusives. And there's a Gamecube built in, which is cool if you don't have one already.

I also figure there are a lot of people who are still intimidated by current-gen games. Like maybe they wanted more of a baby step up from the last generation.

Is it a failure? I don't think so. I think Nintendo's aim in creating the Wii was to coexist, not compete, with other hardware.

Sorry if that was long and boring.
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Re: Wii: A failure

by noiseredux Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:00 am

you guys can give me yrs then.
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Re: Wii: A failure

by Kemiroch Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:47 am

Ha! I was going to write a long post defending the Wii but I think noiseredux just said it so much simpler than I could.

Still, must we have a thread bemoaning the Wii's lack of supposed 'hardcore' gaming once a week or so? It's tiresome. I'm sorry the Wii doesn't have Halo or MW2. That doesn't make it a failure. My friends and I have plenty of fun playing House of the Dead, Spyborgs, Onechanbara, New Super Mario Brothers, the Wii Sports titles, and lots of others. It's not a failure to us.
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Re: Wii: A failure

by Curlypaul Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:52 am

Agreed - this subject is getting very old now.

The wii never tried to compete with the HD machines, its found its own market. The wii is my only current gen machine at this point and I've never regretted that choice. There are still plenty of great games left for me to buy
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Re: Wii: A failure

by Breetai Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:57 am

I like my Wii. Why?

Because my wife has ZERO interest in the PS3. All she likes the PS3 for is watching Desperate Housewives streamed online though it and listening to MP3s.

On the Wii, she loves Puyo-Puyo 15th Anniversary, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Mario Kart, and the Wiiware version of Dr. Mario, Bomberman, Super Breakout (whatever it's called) and Tetris.

We play these Wii games together and have tons of fun. She likes the simple Wii controller. The PS controller scares the hell out of her.

The Wii is not a failure at all, it just attracts a different market (housewives, their husbands wanting to play games with their wives and kids). This is the exact reason why it's the top selling console. Hardcore gamers that come to places like Racketboy are not the majority of the consumer market. Nintendo knows this. Sony knows this (Sing Star, Eye Toy, etc.). Whoever makes Rock Star and Guitar Hero knows this (I don't really play these games, so I'm not sure who makes them. Activision and Harmonix I think?). Microsoft probably knows this, although I don't know many people with a 360 so I don't really know what it offers for the casual gamer. Either way, the Wii has been kicking everyone's @ss this generation. That is not failure. That is victory.
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Re: Wii: A failure

by Incognito D Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:20 am

I was thinking the other day, the Wii is a very strange machine.

When it was first announced and we saw the controls, everyone had the same thoughts. This controller would put us in the game like no console before it. You would be able to play Zelda by actually swinging the sword etc...
However, motion controls with hindsight aren't really that fun, they're limited and most of the Wii's best games use them sparingly.
I was playing Lost Winds the other day - a game that uses the motion controls well, but not in the way that we would have invisioned - and I realised, the Wii is such a great machine for 2D games. New Super Mario Bros, Wario Land, Muramasa, Wii Ware, Virtual Console... Then I realised, I'm okay with this :)

tl;dr - Wii was meant to be super advanced, but it has turned into the ultimate retro machine instead. this is good. :)
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Re: Wii: A failure

by RadarScope1 Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:27 am

I agree kingmohd, it's rubbish! So.... sell yours to me! I wanna play NSMBW dammit!!!! (And Galaxy, too.)

Breetai wrote:Because my wife has ZERO interest in the PS3. All she likes the PS3 for is watching Desperate Housewives streamed online though it and listening to MP3s.

Get Uncharted 2 and she'll be glued while you play through.
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