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What is the best way to play PC games at 30FPS?

by SuperDerpBro Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:58 am

This is highly unpopular and when/where ever i ask i just get flamed. People here seem more mellow so maybe i will get actual opinions lol. Anyways, I have been migrating to mainly PC for newer games over the last year or so. Thing is i really dislike 60FPS for most games. So have been capping most games to 30 with vsync on. Platformers like Rayman Legends obviously i don't :D

I tested with the Witcher 3 a bunch of times and i even find 24FPS playable lol :D


I mainly play third person games, platformers and RPGs. The odd FPS but never online. Just the single player campaign. Anyways, there are many options. I have 13 GTX 1060s lol (im an evil miner) but my gaming/main PC has a 1070. So there is Nvidia Adaptive Vsync Half Refresh Rate, Rivatuner, and some games have the option in their settings. Probably more options out there. I have mostly been using the games options if they have it. If not i use Rivatuner. I don't know if it was just the games i tested but Nvidia Adaptive Vsync Half Refresh Rate seemed slightly more "stuttery". I'm satisfied but i'm just looking for other peoples opinions on the "BEST" way to do this.

PS: I just played through the Witcher 3 for like the 4th time and at 1080p/30FPS/Maxed out it only uses like 35% of my GPU. With the fans barley spinning. lol. I should sell it while the price's are high and just toss my old r7 265 in hehe
But enough talk! Have at you!
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Re: What is the best way to play PC games at 30FPS?

by Anapan Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:32 am

You can probably cap games FPS by playing them in "Borderless full screen" mode. ... n_windowed
Usually this mode is used to force higher FPS, but because it is so ubiquitous, you should have no trouble making it work in your favor for the opposite effect. One of the solutions will work for you if used correctly.
I've used Gedosto for some games to force 240p, tho it fails in more than it fixes.
It's not mentioned on the wiki, but I have found Display Changer 2 from 12noon to be very effective in launching a game in a nonstandard video mode in any windowed state.
Autohotkey can fix anything, but it is so convoluted that you're left with trial and error if Google doesn't like you that day.
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