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PC Engine Duo Disc won't spin

by PigInTheMud Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:15 am

Hey I recently picked up a PC Engine Duo that worked for the most part. Had quiet sound and some issues reading some discs so I decided to do a full cap replacement.
After the full cap replacement the sound is much louder and the visuals are clearer. However now when I turn the system on it says press run to start, but when I press run it just loads and the disc never starts spinning. I took the shell off the see if anything was getting stuck. I have determined the motor is in fact working as the laser resets the position to neutral every time I turn on the system. The laser is also obviously getting power since there is a slight red light noticeable inside of it and 2 times I saw it twitch up and down for a second as if it is trying to focus. This twitching doesn't happen very often though.
Is it possible that I burned the laser out when replacing the capacitors? Could one of the capacitors that I put in cause this if they have a bad connection? I don't have a voltmeter so I haven't be able to verify that every connection is 100% but everything seems to be pretty well soldered in and connection.
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