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Super Turrican sound glitch

by kamiboy Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:59 am

I recently landed a copy of Super Turrican and decided to play it. Everything went fine until somewhere around the area where meteors start coming down the only sound coming from the game was a weird loop.

This loop continued unchanged for about 10 minutes, then changed into another loop, then complete silence. This sound loop error happens every time I play but starts at different places randomly. Usually either a bit before the meteor area or a bit after, like in the factory level.

When the sound loop error starts that is the only thing wrong, the game plays perfectly. But after a while, when the loop has changed if you try to continue the game freezes.

Doing a quick search revealed that this phenomenon is not an isolated incident. I've seen some other old forum posts referring to this as well as this youtube video which has the same thing happening, and it is happening in close proximity to where it is usually triggered on my cart.

I should mention that my SNES is new and the cart contacts have been thoroughly cleaned using ethyl alcohol, so lets rule out the mundane. I opened up the cart and visually it looks fine. There are two capacitors on the board though, so maybe those could be at fault?

Either that or it might have something to do with this particular game acting up with certain SNES revisions. I know I have a pretty rare late SNES mother board revision.

Anyone run into anything similar?
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Re: Super Turrican sound glitch

by Slut-Hunter Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:06 pm


I got the same Problem. (PAL Version)

Then i tried different Settings.

Stereo: On
Autofire: Off
Difficulty: Medium

Then i just shoot when there was Enemys, and avoided the Phazer (the Blue Shot)

Result = No Sound Glitch ! I completted the whole Game !

After that i did the same, but with Hard Difficulty, then i got Sound Glitch @ Level 4:3
i beat that last Boss (why a huge fucking Alien ? Why not "The Machine" ? like in Turrican 1 & 2 and like in the Intro ?????? )
then the Game Crashed, but i dont give a Fuck, the Ending & the Last Boss is the Same as on Medium.

So i beat the Game on Hard.
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