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by Raskolnikov Sat Apr 12, 2008 2:35 pm

lordofduct wrote:it all bottle necks through s-video. You aren't pulling any raw RGB data from anywhere. SCART to S-Video cables almost always just tap the s-vid pins of the SCART cable instead of figuring it out from the RGB values. Nevermind that you are using a device that is turning into S-video anyways... hence the futility of it.

but because of your constant bottle neck through some type of S-vid, you'll always get S-video quality, if not worse. I don't know a lot about the retro-duo or it's video capabilities inside of it. I know it lacks the A-V out the SNES/Gamecube/N64 gives you (which can give you access to RGB). Hopefully the encoder chip passes a clean RGB signal out that you can use to convert to YUV Component with out any bottle necks.

Well ........ hmmm ........ yeah, it does lack that "Multi-out" output that the SNES/N64/Gamecube had for pulling raw RGB straight out of the system (for anyone reading: the N64 is not capable of SCART). I forgot to mention that I called the store running the website, and they told me that the system itself is capable of outputting RGB -- and hopefully they're right. But if it does, why did they design it with only S-Video as the best option? It's supposed to output RGB through an S-Video socket? Sounds like BS to me. We need to get that woman on NBC's News 4 who does the "Does it Really Do That?" segments to test it out.

Yeah, there's no way to find out unless we convince them to make another video demonstration (two at the bottom of the page) -- which they won't.

I think you're most likely right, though, anyway. I just wish there was some way to confirm it.

And did you notice that the Atlona RGB-to-YUV-component-converter only has the video cables, and not the two stereo cables?! Once I hook a male SCART plug into the female SCART input, where the hell am I going to get the audio?!

Do you still play retro games LordofDuct?
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