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Online Handles

by Sano Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:05 pm

How did you come about using the handle you use now? How many handles have you been through?

For me, my original handle was CrashOverride; yes from the movie Hackers. Back when I was young and loved Hackers to death (Still do, its my fav movie). After that I moved on to using Cynex for a bit but it didnt stick. On EQEmu I was known as Akira. I got the name Sano from a private WoW server known as WoWScape. I was a big fan of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin and I liked the character Sanosuke. I made my character on WoWScape with the name Sanosake, yep, a dumb little typo.... made the u an a. Anywho, the name eventually just got down to Sano and I've been using that ever since. So over 10 years I've been going by Sano. Variations of Sano.... generally using 3 letters such as NTX, GTR, or GTX if plan old Sano is unavailable.

Thats how I got my name! How did you get yours?
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Re: Online Handles

by casterofdreams Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:14 pm

I used "Stryker" in a lot of my handles regarding online multiplayer games. I played a game years ago where an unlock was the striker shotgun and loved it. I think it was Resident Evil 4. Replacing the I with a Y to spin it a tiny bit and that's how I got that.

As for my RB handle: I found this site years ago when I was looking for Dreamcast information. Then I lurked. Then I joined and switched the Dreamcast name of around.
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Re: Online Handles

by SamuraiMegas Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:19 pm

I had just watched all of Samurai Jack and Megas XLR. Then I got on a dreamcast forum, then on here. Used the same name for both.
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Re: Online Handles

by ElkinFencer10 Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:51 pm

I went to Elkin High School, was on the fencing team all four years, and graduated in 2010. I sometimes used just "Church" with PC games that didn't require a unique handle, but I've pretty much consistently used ElkinFencer10 since I started online gaming.
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Re: Online Handles

by Ack Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:59 pm

"Ack" is a common interjection showing surprise and/or pain.

So sometimes when you suddenly get hurt, you say my name.
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Re: Online Handles

by racketboy Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:07 pm

I'm pretty sure we had one of these threads a long time ago, but the population has changed so much, so maybe worth a reboot ;)

"Racket" is what my freshman roommates called me in college because they couldn't pronounce my last name. It ended up sticking and they routinely introduced me to new people as "Racket".

I simply added the "boy" to give me a screen name that wasn't reserved in as many places. I got known under that name at the SegaXtreme forums and some other places. I created my own blog/site with the name simply because that's how people knew me. I didn't think it would grow to be this large ;)
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Re: Online Handles

by PartridgeSenpai Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:17 pm

I really liked the character Shuu in Hatoful Boyfriend, who was a partridge. Then I thought it'd be funny if people called me "senpai" since it was shorter than "Partridge," to spell, but I have yet to be called that once. Everyone just calls me PS or Partridge, which I'm okay with.

Before this I was/am "Pommag" on a lot of things. It's "Gammop" backwards. Gammop was the name of a Maplestory character I made like 3 or 4 years ago, as "Gammo" was taken as well as "Gammot." (I like names without numbers). Gammo was the name I gave my partner in the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game I played. A twist on "Gamma," as I'd just been watching something on TV about gamma rays.

And even before THAT, it was "xarboy" on a lot of stuff. My older brother had named a lot of his profiles "starboy" while we were growing up. I thought that'd be a good name for a Maplestory character when I was like 9, so I tried it but it was taken. Ztarboy was also taken, so I changed it to Zarboy. Then I went to a different, more populated server, but wanted a same or similar name, so it was then xarboy.

And then way way back when I made my first Neopets account, I was mol107, which was another username I used a lot for things when I was much younger. I had just been watching The Mole, and wanted "Mole," but it was taken, so I took off the 'e,' and then Neopets did its thing where it adds a few numbers on the end so you can have the letters you want on it.

Gosh, this has been quite an unintentional nastolgia wave for me :lol:

casterofdreams wrote:I used "Stryker" in a lot of my handles regarding online multiplayer games. I played a game years ago where an unlock was the striker shotgun and loved it. I think it was Resident Evil 4. Replacing the I with a Y to spin it a tiny bit and that's how I got that.

YES. The striker is the fuckin' crazy auto-shotty in ResE 4 and that thing is a BEAST. Definitely my favorite gun in the game.
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Re: Online Handles

by isiolia Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:17 pm

I picked up Neverwinter Nights when it came out in 2002 as my first D&D based game - I'd liked the demo for Baldur's Gate II but opted to wait for NWN to release. I used an an auto-generated name for my first character/playthrough, which was Isiolia Marner. She was a half-elf, tri-classed...and sucked. Had to cheat to beat the final boss since I couldn't keep warping back to the home base mid-fight and she was otherwise too weak. Expansion and NWN2 characters were more focused :lol:

I think I rehashed it somewhat for NWN expansions (reused the last name or used Eshiolia or something), but the key thing was a couple years later signing up for FFXI. My old roommates had picked it up at launch and convinced me to try it out about a week later. I tried a number of cooler names - a lot of Norse mythology ones (I'd played through Valkyrie Profile relatively recently) and the like. All taken. Here I was, updates -finally- finished, World Pass obtained, friends waiting, but my plan for a name was shot (seriously, I was even thumbing through Mythology by Edith Hamilton).
So I used my NWN character name, which next to nobody ever seems to use. Boom, Vana'diel gains another clueless RDM.

In turn, FFXI was also something that expanded a lot of my forum use, and with the exception of the IGN FFXI boards (where I used sephiroth1394 as a joke), I simply defaulted to my character name.
Over the course of tens of thousands of both in-game hours and forum posts, "isiolia" became my go-to username for gaming services and a lot of in-game names (though not the only one, offhand, I use Claire and Rhynne a bit...yet another guy that plays girl most of the time).
While not relevant to forums, if I need a last name in a game, it's usually Mitra - a reference to my FFXI character being mithra - but since that's also a god, the root mitra seem to work better. Also, it's an actual last name.
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Re: Online Handles

by Gunstar Green Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:11 pm

I like Gunstar Green.

And Sega.

And Treasure.
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Re: Online Handles

by alienjesus Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:30 pm

I used to doodle stupid things in the margin of my books at school. One time I drew an Alien Jesus, and I just went with that when I made my first online handle when I was like 14.

My PSN name is PiranhaGoldfish because Alienjesus was taken. A Piranha Goldfish was also another one of those stupid doodles. I also did an art GCSE (the exams UK students take at 16) and managed to put the Piranha Goldfish hidden in some way into every single bit of artwork I did for the course.
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