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Re: Won against Lukie Games in a case YES!!!!

by MrPopo Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:51 pm

He's theorizing that they don't open cases until after they've solicited good feedback from the other party.
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Re: Won against Lukie Games in a case YES!!!!

by Jagosaurus Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:15 am

I know I've bought a package from a a seemingly random user before and the package arrived with a Lukie Games return address. I thought it was odd, but figured there was a business reason (even if sketchy) such as multiple LLCs for dodging higher tax brackets.

I have bought games from them knowingly also with no issues. Sometimes they'll have the lowest BIN for a CIB copy of a game. It'll be a few cents lower than the nearest competition so it's obviously well researched.

This year they bought a game lot (auction) of DS RPGs from me for $100+. I'm OCD about ebay. For any items really over $20 or so I take a photo of the item(s) being packaged, then another once address labled. For high dollar packages, I even take a photo of the box on the USPS counter with the tracking label attached and keep my receipt. The date of tracking entered on ebay & tracking # would all match up between photos & receipt. Joke would be on them if they tried anything. It only takes an extra 5 seconds to snap those 3 pics. Protect yourself. I'll ensure I always take those precautions when dealing with them now, even in lower dollar amounts.

I wonder if this is truly being dubious or an unorganized mistake of a bigger organization. Getting a box back with only sports titles sounds intentional. Also playing devil's advocate, you cannot leave feedback once a case is opened with ebay, so they have no need to solicit positive feedback in order to avoid negative feedback. They're already protected on the ebay side.

Agreed. They can search your media mail. My post office always warns me of this. Only use it for movies and books. Don't put shipping label over the box seal as they can cut it.
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