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Let it go, or not?

by Tanooki Fri May 12, 2017 8:23 pm

Last weekend I got a bit of a sweetheart of a deal where I got a DMG Gameboy, 3 Pokemon games (which I've since put new batteries in) a couple puzzle cheap titles, and Mega Man 5 in the lot.

Over the week I've pecked away at the old Gameboy with MM5 and Tetris and enjoy it, perhaps just because it's right there in sight.

I want to recoup what I put into it all so some has to go, but now I'm on the fence with two things, kind of curious what an objective third party would feel about it.

The Gameboy itself. I have one, got a new(almost) one a bit over 2 years ago complete in the box from the 1989 release (dad buys daughter GB, uses it once, lost in closet since) so it's basically dead mint in condition. Because of that I get a little testy about using it. Pokemon Red was my first Pokemon game and one of the few I liked but I also have FireRed GBA and Yellow and Crystal for GBC too.

Given that knowledge...what would you do?
Keep the 2nd Gameboy as a user system thrown on the desk? Physically it's a solid 9/10 other than a few hairline scuffs and squiggles on the lens that don't game distract. Pokemon Red is as nice, but I also have Yellow (which is red with pikachu to start and the anime influences) along with the other 2 I said.

Do you keep the GB for a user or not and be careful with the other (or just use the GBC or other device?) Do you keep Red around for memories and use the others, or just let it go, or let both go?

Transparency here I have $60 into it. I know I can sell the Golds (have 2) for $25 shipped with a new battery so that gets basically 40 of it back. The GB itself even with Tetris+4in1 Fun Pak with some GB system manuals+Fun Pak manual is worth $40 too. Pokemon Red would be worth around $25 shipped too so I have wiggle room.

On a larger scale one could also argue why keep some other stuff too if it has similar/same functionality like use the GBC for GB (run games in B&W or pea green mode.) Same could be said for Pokemon Red vs FireRed(no battery worries, prettier aesthetic package.)

Just curious how all you would view this differently.
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