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by J T Fri May 20, 2016 7:19 pm

Beats, rhymes, and rhythm
If you can get with em
Step into the thread and drop a verse that'll hit em
You got it? Good. Player one start!
Imma 'bout to tear this messageboard apart
Cuz I'm the J to the T, the Jungley Toad
And I got more game than Super Mario
I got the hooks and the jams you just can't avoid
They stick into your brain like a killer Metroid
See I'm runnin' things like it's Track 'n Field
Tap tap tap, my momentum starts to build
And I rap rap rap, cuz I gotta believe
Not even Parappa the Rappa's got the moves on me
But if you wanna battle, give it a shot
Drop 25 cents in the player 2 slot
We'll see if you can spit and keep your tongue a waggin'
Or if you just a puffed up ego like a Dig Dug dragon!
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by emwearz Fri May 20, 2016 7:26 pm

Mom's spaghetti.
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by Ziggy587 Fri May 20, 2016 8:45 pm

Every body in the 2-1-2
Throw your hands in the air cuz JT is through
JT, watch out, Ima hit you hard
I'm not pulling punches, you spoony bard!
I'm the Z to the I to the G G Y
My rhymes might be lame but I make em on the fly
Some people might think that Micomsofts a shyster
But I really love gaming with my Framemeister
Not much is better than a gin and tonic
Sittin back with my buddies Tails and Sonic
Life's not fair and it's not always pretty
Gotta pour one for my homies Breetai and Snow Kitty
Now I could go outside and get a tan
But I'd rather sit and chill with Mega Man
I stay away from drugs, I've never touched a bong
Ya don't get peer pressure from Donkey Kong
Some say my rhymes equate to murder
My name is Ziggy, please insert girder
Ya never really know what this forum may bring
Henrygrik came here to learn new thing
I always aim good with Link's crossbow
I've never been to Lake Ontario
My favorite guy is Super...
....ehhh.... Mario?
I get fireworks when I reach the flag pole
When I get in trouble I do a barrel roll
Now if my rhymes gave you a zap
Let me plug in my multi tap
Player 3, step up and give us your rap!
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by Exhuminator Fri May 20, 2016 10:11 pm

who digs up the bones of the games ya'll forgot?
who breaks them into pieces and ties 'em in a knot?
you be like here's the new shit I be like see ya later
true T-800 with da backlog it's Exhuminator

steppin' up to the mic like 8-bit Tyson
boxing beats rough like Alpha 3 Bison
reppin' stuff hardcore like Contra on the Genny
outfoxin' you casuals 'cause I'm sick like The Many

word up up down down left right aight stop
no cheatin' when I'm beatin' games till they drop
no walkthroughs no guides I keep it real
when you sleepin' I'm creepin' through another King's Field

stayin' retro when this boy make a racket
with a hatchet 'cause you suckas can't even hack it
playin' modern time games ya'll sorry like Jaguar Atari
bits aged like fine wine's only how I dine mine when I'm

Dig Duggin' up bones of the games that fell on yo land fill
whippin' through 'em again like Belmont on Bull Bill
bullet that is, I pop these raps like caps at a fumin' hater
all jealous of the OG skillz of da Exhuminator
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by jp1 Fri May 20, 2016 11:11 pm

Player four to the gate and your rhymes are suspect.
The content is fishy and the segues are wrecked.
But if you're the sea then I am Poseidon.
Cut wise with me boy, meet the end of my trident.

I'm Mario. You're Luigi.
I've got you cheesed up like cream cheese be.
Look for the magic mushroom to keep you alive.
You won't find it diggin in your princess beehive.

My rhymes calling forth an unfortunate event.
Or a series of shit like Lemony Snicket.
My star is so bright you could look up and pick it.
Your cloud so dark, you're spreading Rickets.
Keep spitting though cause I'm hearing crickets.
I'm onto your game now and here's where you can stick it.

I'll make some noise, have you smashed by a midget.
So much dirt in your mouth you can't find the right spigot.
You credit feed so you can claim glory.
I spread my seed and tell you a story.
Down goes the whale, we'll call him Moby.
Pour one out to the big homie Hobie.

You're too sweet for my tastes, like Little Debbie.
You got no ding dong you twinkie your ho-ho is heavy.
You can still be my hostess, let me know when you're ready.
Oh, you started rappin? Up go the windows on the Chevy.
Your bustin up pies with Eugene Levy.
I'm not even tryin'. I'm on Vacation.
His furry eyes are burning from all the Gyration.

Now take a bite of that apple. Your grapes are too sour.
I cut you too deep and you bled in the flour.
Soon the daisies you push will be held by a princess.
She'll burn in seven hells due to the incest.
My rhymes are too stark you'll want me in exile.
Your beats are rough like medieval textile.

I'm a mountain you hound don't even bark.
Burn some elder scrolls while you sit in the dark.
Under my shadow you cower, You're no Joan of Arc.
Bow to the Colossus, in the cold I'll send you a spark.

Smash a brick with my head and sit on an axe.
I'm winning the game...and that's while I relax.
Your game is turtle heading, better step on that shell.
Pay your toll to the Racket who's drawn all in cel.

I'm out!
John Cena can't see me!
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by flojocabron Sat May 21, 2016 12:16 am

This is how I see you all right now....
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by Ziggy587 Sat May 21, 2016 8:59 am

flojocabron wrote:This is how I see you all right now....

I was picturing more this...

Which is where I got the first line of my rap.
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by J T Sat May 21, 2016 2:39 pm

You tired emcees need to WAKE UP
and hit the coffee maker
Here comes JT to BREAK UP
stale flows with a "C-C-C-Combo Breaker!"
See I'm the kiiiing, and you're all my sub-jects
Pull my quarter off the screeeeen, "Yo, I got next!"
You got your heads in the Cloooooud, so you just can't see
Beating me in battle nooooow, is just a Final Fantasy
I'm the lyrical master, rap megamix sensei
I got a magical Persona like Shin Megami Tensei
I'm the key to the door, I'm the droids you're lookin for
E'rybody in the arcade shoutin "More more more!"
My Vic Viper hits a "speed up" and I start to soar
As I shoot the core, and get the HIGHSCORE!
Y'all came to battle, but weren't prepared for war
Me? Son, I brought a BFG 9000, a rail gun, and a cerebral bore
You wanna challenge me? I'll throw the Gauntlet down gladly
Slap you so hard that your "Elf needs food badly"
Y'all wish you were me, and all the ladies wanna get this
I slide in my long piece, and I give em a Tetris
Whack emcees, step away from the microphone
Y'all need to go home (But wait, take these tissues son, it's dangerous to go alone)
You thought your skills were real, but your rhymes were all fake, son
It's game over homie, I'm outta this bitch like LEEERRROOOYYYY JEEENNKINS!
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by Ziggy587 Sat May 21, 2016 3:36 pm

I'm here to tell ya that your rhymes are whack
But not as bad as your score in Tetris Attack
You think you're so fly and you've reached fame, ya
Get smacked down hard in Castlevania
Take my advice, you better stop
Your controls are all messed up with soda pop
You spit out words and think you can win
Ima bout to bust you up with my Hadouken
Take it like a man and don't make a fuss
I want you to know that all your base belong to us
Don't try to battle me at a game or rap
Listen to Admiral Ackbar... It's a trap!
Your words are frail and your rhymes are a bore
You'll never come close to my high score
You come in here and start a hassle
But whachya looking for is in another castle
Your skills are weak, and your rhythm is hairy
In the Oregon Trail you died of dysentery
Ya got nothing on me, you snickering weenie
If you wanna beat me, bring your Game Genie!
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by jp1 Sat May 21, 2016 6:26 pm

You're Goldie Locks, I'm the bear.
But you're in my house, the game isn't fair.
You had a nice flow like you and your girl sync'd up.
Plug it up with cotton and pick the broom stick up.
Take that lame shit to the carnival but don't let your tongue unfurl.
Your game amounts to two things tilt and whirl.
You spit about the Genesis but the rhyme was weak from the start.
We all know your N64 Superman heart.
I'll rip through your fortress in a Metal Storm.
Keep your eye on the button press, it's called perfect form.
Your scheming for words slipping and sliding.
I'm running through like the quick ninja gaiden.
Jungle Toad, Battletoads, they all come to challenge.
Ziggy got jiggy with a Will Smith vengeance.
The Exhuminator illuminated us with retro based knowledge.
But I slayed you all like a Bogus meat sandwhich.
I'm dropping this last verse then I'm off to New York.
I'll be rich and'll still be watching pork
Fly from the penthouse window.
Or is that Kirby he swallowed your flow.
Dig dug under the rug and find some new content.
Hug bomberman snug with the end of the fuse lit.
Your done, basted, baked and sticky.
You'll have to cool off now with SSX Tricky.
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