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2015 Racketboy Auction - DONATION SENT 2.17.16

by mjmjr25 Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:58 pm

UPDATE - MONDAY January 4th - Taking Donation Payments

If you won an item - please send payment to:

*Send payment as "familly and friends" or "gift" option - DO NOT send as goods as they will deduct a portion of the donation if it is sent as a goods purchase.
*In the comments section of your family and friends payment enter your forum ID and the items you are paying for - you can copy/paste the following and insert your information:
mjmjr25 charity auction payment for: Item #45 and#52
*Post in thread, or send me a PM once payment has been sent.
*Please make payment within the next 10 days.
*Once payment is made you can contact me, or the item donor, to give your ship to address
*Donors please ship donated items within 14 days of notification of donation payment sent
*Once all payments received I will send the donation and share communications with able-gamers.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year!


The 2015 Auction is under way. We could use more items - please consider donating something. We will be having a ONE WEEK item donation extension through 12.8.15.

Bidding is now live and will run through SATURDAY at 1am EST, Midnight CST
-Rolling End to bids - any bid placed in final 3 minutes extends the bidding on that item for 3 additional minutes with a hard cut at 12:29:59 AM CST.
-Min. $1 bid increments

Item List
1. Atari Jaguar Console
Donor: 8bit
Description: Nice condition console. Tested and works perfectly. Includes original controller, RF cable, power brick and Aliens VS Predator game.
Bid $95 econoemu

2. 25 Games Mystery Box
Donor: 8bit
Description: 25+ games from at least 8 consoles. NES to PS3. Guaranteed $100 value before shipping but if the auction goes over $80 ill start adding more to it.
Bid $81 (plus $10 for shipping) Fragems

3. Super Mario RPG Armageddon - SNES
Donor: 8bit w/assist from Ziggy
Description: Racketboy Charity Auction 2015 Edition
$40 - KalessinDB

4. PGM Arcade Cart Bundle
Donor: mjmjr25
Description: Knights of Valor, Oriental Legend, Dragon World II
Bid - $60 bradtemple

5. Fix It Felix GENESIS Repro
Donor: mjmjr25
Description: Cart with nice label, ok case with ok art insert
Bid - $40 KalessinDB

6. Game and DVD Bundle
Donor: mjmjr25
Description: First 4 seasons of BONES, LE 1st season of COACH, Valiant, Muppets in Space, Flight of the Navigator DVD's + more, Elebits, De Blob, Game Party and a pile of other Wii Games, More (see pic for full detail)
Bid - $10 jmbarnes101

7. Classic EGM Magazine Lot
Donor: 8bit
20+ Classic EGM Magazines from between 1999 and 2002 (N64, PS1, DC, PS2, GC, oXbox). Bonus: Classic strategy guides filled to the TOP of the box.

$20 (plus $10 for shipping) - Blu

8. The Not So Humble (or legit) Dreamcast Bundle
Description: 12 Games - Buy it for the DVD cases and custom laser printed artwork but keep it for the 100% bootable games. See pics!

9. ITEM NAME - The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
Donor: Ziggy587
Description: Cart only, great condition. Label code is NUS-CZLE-USA (v1.1, contains a few bug fixes but is not censored).
Bid - $20 KalessinDB

10. ITEM NAME - Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories (PSP)
Donor: Ziggy587
Description: CIB, near mint, practically brand new!
Minimum Bid - $5

11. Mario 64 DS
In box with artwork no manual.
Donated jp1
Bid - $10 8bit
(pic pending)

12. Torneko PS1
CIB Black label - Good shape, few light scratches.
Bid $35 Nemoide
Donated jp1
(pic pending)

13. Crash Bandicoot 2 PS1
Greatest Hits - Disc has lots of light scratches (Works on my PS3).
$10 - Blu
Donated jp1
(pic pending)

14. Boston Acoustics Micro 80X (5 piece) surround set
Donor: jp1
Description: A five piece surround sound speaker set by Boston Acoustics. These are small, easily mountable, but well built and great sounding speakers. They are 8-Ohm & 100 watts (RMS) capable. The rear speakers include attached mounts. The speakers are in very good condition and work perfect, the mounts have a little paint on them.
Bid - $40 Ziggy587

15. Spawn In the Demon's Hand - NAOMI cart
Donor: mjmjr25
Description: Rom only, revision B, decent label, fun game
Bid - $25 KalessinDB

16. Neo Geo MVS Starter Lot
Donor: Chupon
Description: Five Neo Geo MVS carts. No boots. Various label condition -
all English. Nothing of crazy value. Perfect for someone new to Neo Geo
starting a collection. Carts are: Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, Street
Hoop, 3 Count Bout, Fatal Fury 2. Here's to hoping this get close to $100!
Bid - $135 - bonesnapdeez

17. Bear in the Big Blue House for GameBoy Color
Donor: jinn
Description: Item is New and was signed by Mitchell Kriegman

18. Action Replay Pro for Mega Drive
Donor: jinn
Description: Item is in great shape and CIB
Bid - $15 Anapan

19. (2) Game PS3 Lot
Donor: aaron
Description: Minecraft PS3 (CIB); Grand Theft Auto V PS3 (CIB, with unused blimp code)
Bid - $15 Ziggy587

20. Lot of (2) PS2--> Adapters
Donor: aaron
Description: PS2 Controller Adapter for Gamecube/Xbox/USB
PS2 Controller Adapter for Gamecube/USB
Bid - $4 - jmbarnes

21. Fusion MVS Converter
Donor: kalessinDB
Description: Play MVS on your AES; more: ... _converter
Min Bid - $75

22. Earthbound Uncut - SNES Repro
Donor: Omerta
Description: Cart only with a custom label. Complete re-translation of Earthbound. It includes many of the lingual nuances lost in the original translation and rids much of the hyper-sensitive Nintendo of America censorship.
Bid - $35 eggman

23. Tales of Symphonia - Gamecube CB
Donor: Omerta
Description: Original case has some sticker residue, discs are great, art has a bit of edge wear, no manual.
Bid - $10 - Blu

24. Xbox 360 Bundle:
donor: Stark
Description: Deathsmiles (New), Viva Pinata (CIB) *Xbox One will run this now!, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (CIB) *Xbox One will run this now!
bid - $10 xzeronature

donor: Stark
Description: Columns (CIB), Road Rash II (CIB), Rocket Knight Adventures (CIB), Sonic 2 (CIB), Sonic Spinball (CIB)
Min bid - $32 Samsonlonghair

donor: anapan
Description: Mega Man (Archie Comics) soft cover graphic novels 1-5 (issues 1-20).
Good condition, some never opened

Bid - $20 bradtemple

27. Starfox 64 3DS & Lumines PSP
donor: anapan & Banjo Guy Ollie
Lumines was donated by Banjo Guy Ollie (Great guy - check his videos out in the video section!)

Bid - $15 laurenhiya

28. Xbox 360 lot
donor: anapan
Description: Project Gotham Racing 3 (slightly scratched), Halo Reach (no manual), Elder Scrolls Oblivion (slight scratches), Left 4 Dead, Ninety-Nine Nights (faint scratch rings, no manual), Ridge Racer 6, Two Worlds, The Witcher 2 Enhanced, DMC4 (brand new), Flatout Ultimate Carnage (disc says flatout 2, no manual), Fable 2 (no manual), Fable 3
All discs are in great shape and complete unless noted

Bid - $18 xzeronature

29. Xbox Original lot
donor: anapan
Description: Namco Museum (cracks on centre hole of disk, no manual), GTA3 (no manual), Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4&5, Blinx, Dead or Alive 1, DOA2 (faint scratches, no manual), DOA3 (no manual), Elder Scrolls Morrowind
All discs are in great shape and complete unless noted

Bid - $22 Blu

30. PS2 lot
donor: anapan
Description: Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, Champions of Norrath, God Hand (faint scratch rings), God of War 2
All discs are in great shape and complete unless noted

Bid - $18 xzeronature

31. Xbox 360 VGA cable
donor: anapan
Description: 3rd party, brand new never used

bid - $5 aaron

32. Super Game Boy 2
donor: anapan
Description: Works great.

Bid - $23 alienjesus

33. Gameboy USB flash cart.
donor: anapan
Description: Supports 2 Gameboy (Mono or Color) roms at once - USB save ram dump and load through software. Works great on all consoles I tried it on.
Retail link
USB cord included. This has seen plenty of use!
Software and more info

Bid - $28 alienjesus

34. Modded By Bacteria (tm) Bluetooth controller.
donor: anapan
Description: 1-off custom made. Comissioned on this forum from Bacteria years ago. Works great.
A difficult job to say the least, here's the forum link with the details.
The rightmost button needs adjustment, but it's a easy fix.

Min Bid - $15

35. XCM 1080p VGA Box
donor: anapan
Description: Brand new. Opened to take the picture.

Min Bid - $10

36. Toploader NES Model 101 NTSC
donor: anapan
Description: Kinda dirty, a hairline crack on the chasis. Modded for Composite output (badly - I soldered the resistors and capacitors end-to-end, then wrapped the bundle in electrical tape). Slight jail-bars visible. Includes brand-new dogbone controller and a DC adapter from an old router.
Pictures of the jailbars were very hard to get. Most of my displays and interfaces removed them. During horizontal motion they are slightly annoying so I put my crappiest video interfaces to work to show the problem during stills! The scalers did not allow any still to show my camera the problem.
Oldschool 36" curved screen with the shrapness cranked
My 60" plasma doing what it does to a 240P composite image.

Bid - $40 xzeronature

37. OQO Model 01+
donor: anapan
Description: 1.1Ghz CPU, XP Pro, 30GB HDD, 800x480 Screen, 512MB Ram, 8MB Vram, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB2.
Battery doesn't work - needs to be plugged in. Fan makes a noise at certain speeds (has since new - I read that some people file the blades down).
Headphone jack on the unit is broken, the docking cable one works fine.
Includes docking cable (Ethernet, Headphone, 2nd USB2, 2nd Firewire, VGA), VGA output dongle, stylus, hard case, USB2 DVD burner, mini USB Controller, powered USB hub and a thumbdrive with extra support files (XP installation is bare-bones, cut down for size with only essential apps and drivers). It's got a screen protector.
I've played through a lot of games on this. I used to use the keyboard like a controller. Final Fantasy 7&8, Diablo, Megaman Legends, countless roms and PS1 games. Battery may be resuscitated. People have done it - look on Youtube. I lost the metal stand it came with. I'll try to find it.
Emulator gaming=awesomeness
Battery is not broken, can be fixed.
bad picture, ask for more.

Bid - $35 8bit

donor: noiseredux
Description: Complete PC Games: Deus Ex Special Limited Edition, Doom 3, Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, Fallout 1 & 2, Mechwarrior 2, Myst, Quake III, Quake 4 w/ strategy guide, The Witcher, Wolfenstein 3D
(1) Logitech wired controller
(1) USB 3.5" floppy drive
Bid: $20 JMustang1968

39. GameCube bundle
donor: jmbarnes
Description: Animal Crossing CB - no memory card
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 CIB Player's Choice
bid - $12 Anapan

40. Wii bundle
donor: jmbarnes
Description: Sega Superstars Tennis CIB, The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces CIB, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure CIB
Min bid - $8 econoemu

41. Game Boy lot
donor: oxymoron
Description: Motocross Maniacs, Tetris Attack, Ms. Pacman and Wario Twisted, and Xevious 5. All work and are in fairly good condition.
Bid - $36 anapan

42. Pac-Man Amiibo (sealed)
donor: jmbarnes
min bid - $5

43. Dreamcast Import Bundle
donor: mjmjr25
Description: Marvel vs Capcom (fighter), Shutouku Battle II (racing), and Plus Plum (puzzler). All games complete, very nice shape.
min bid - $13 coolthxmcdoom

Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by mjmjr25 Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:01 pm

An FYI regarding item donations - some folks have commented they are wanting to make sure the item is worth enough to donate... is more about "does it cost more to ship than it will generate in bids". Meaning, some years, we have had item lots of say 25 $1 games, it goes for a $15 bid, then the donor pays $20 to ship it. The thought being - instead of giving USPS $20, just donate that money directly to the charity via donation or bids. Certainly if you have a $12 game that costs $3 to ship - that is worthy of donation.

There are more items on the way from Anapan, myself, and others...but PLEASE get us a few more!

Thank you!

Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by mjmjr25 Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:48 pm

Added 4 more items...more on the way...

btw - Street Hoop in that MVS lot from Chupon is an absolutely boss game.
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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by chupon Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:32 am

Is this Stickied? Why is it in the Whatever Section?
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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by Ack Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:38 am

chupon wrote:Is this Stickied? Why is it in the Whatever Section?

Yes, and it is in the Whatever section because that is historically where all of these threads have been.
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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by jmbarnes101 Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:44 am

Mike, I sent you an email with some thoughts as to possible donations.

In addition...
5 - $10
16 - $10
My FS/FT/WTTF list:

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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by mjmjr25 Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:22 pm

Keep them coming...up to 20 items and more on the way...
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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by jinn Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:04 pm

20 - $3
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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by Stark Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:52 pm

16. Neo Geo MVS Starter Lot - $15
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Re: 2015 Racketboy Auction - ITEM LIST / BIDDING OPEN

by KalessinDB Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:16 pm

3. - $40
9. - $10
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