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Re: The Wrestling Thread

by Xeogred Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:19 pm

Jagosaurus wrote:Lots of possibilities. With the internet, smart phones, social media, & just more on TV these days I don't think anything will ever reach the Monday Night Wars. Wrestling was a mainstay in the popular eye for a good 5 years. BUT AEW, along with the others, could change the game..

My pants tightened up when I saw the Kahn's are worth DOUBLE the McMahon's.

That can be concerning though. We don't need another Ted Turner situation here. So I think Cody Rhodes being VP could be crucial. Someone who really lives and sleeps in the business to steer it right. Then again, Vince has basically been sabotaging his own product for a decade or two now.

Yeah I seriously thought we'd never see something like this happen again after the death of WCW. But with the AEW and continued hype and movement behind the indie scene lately, NJPW getting their own streaming service now, etc, things are getting seriously interesting.

Also the AEW wants to push for actual guaranteed healthcare in the field. Could be a huge game changer.
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Re: The Wrestling Thread

by Jagosaurus Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:38 am

Pretty interesting to hear Jericho seriously considered Impact/TNA. Also, he pitched to Vince a cross company IWPG IC vs WWE IC...

After winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship in NJPW, Jericho says he pitched Vince on a match for SummerSlam. Jericho pitched an IC champ vs IC champ match versus Seth Rollins but evidently, Vince was not interested.

... Vince never returned his calls. Jericho is playing nice but I think he has something to prove now. He can help build something here and leave an even bigger international legacy. He's said multiple times they're not going head to head with WWE but I do believe they'll pull in a new audience. Me for example... I don't watch the WWE product. Pretty solid write up on Jericho situation: ... w-signing/

For your enjoyment, here's Cody, Brandi, & the Bucks joining the fun at a small show. Man... how fun is this.

Sure... they're catering to niche fans now but I do think they'll begin to pull in the masses with this style and personality.

Three fun rumors:
- Show will air on TBS or TNT and be named Tuesday Night Dynamite. They've trademarked that name (fact there). Smackdown moving to Fridays & there's a pre-conditioned audience that already tunes in to wrestling on Tuesday.
- Dustin Runnels/Rhodes/Golddust to AEW
- NJPW reconsidering working with AEW (vs ROH U.S. exclusive statement before) to keep Kenny Omega working with them.
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