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RPGArcana must be reported (selling resealed games!)

by Dark Sol Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:33 am
(previously vgsloki - account naru'd for scam.)
It came to my attention that this retarded turd resealed nearly everything in his possession and loaded ebay with crap.
PLEASE - report all his SEGA games as they are all nothing but resealed CRAP.

Problem is that his genny games ALL look absolutely the same and all extremely "shiny".
Instead of oval seal on top or "over the hangtab seal" all his genny games has an artificial cut on top with the hangtab out. It has indeed been made manually and is bullshit.

From my big experience genesis games exist in MANY types of seals. Many look very different, not to mention a lot of genny sealed game at least must show signs of wear on the wrap as well as they are 15+ years.
Sega wrapping was worst ever and degenerates badly comparing to nintendo stuff.

1) All his sealed games look the same
2) All brand spanking new and shiny like they were wrapped yesterday and never made it to the stores.

A quote from rarebucky as well, respected colelctor:

"For those who don't know, this guy bought a sealed Miracle Warriors from me on ebay (that was listed as possibly resealed - couldn't really tell for sure) for like $40 or something, then proceeded to send me the nastiest message calling me a theif and other words which I can't use here after he opened it up. This guy knew it was a reseal and was hoping to reseal it up himself to make it look like his other forgeries, but when he realized the inner contents weren't quite pristine, he realized his plan wouldn't work. Of course I refunded him but I really shouldn't have considering I knew what the purpose was. He's a terrible seller and needs to be booted from ebay."

also from one respected sega collector from UK:
"Believe it or not i'm sure he even buys FACTORY sealed games & opens them & reseals them with his perfect shrink wrap/resealing machine so they all look the same, the "EA" games he reseals he leaves the seam on the top intact though as that is how EA games are FACTORY sealed, however all EA games that are FACTORY sealed should have either a VERTICAL BACK LINE OR OVERLAPPING seam at the back of the case/box + they usually have a CLEAR PLASTIC HANG-TAB attatched to the top of the case at the rear & they ALWAYS have some sort of VENT HOLE PATTERN either on the front or back of the case/box too!"

PS: Sorry for bad language. I hope noone buys from him.
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