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Re: Did Pioneer ever make wristwatches?

by Mod_Man_Extreme Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:24 pm

Mod_Man_Extreme wrote:Basically you press the set button as if to set the digital face only twice then hold, then the digital face begins blinking, after that you simply hold down the mode button to fast forward the motorized hands and set the analog face.

Like I said above too, I made an account for that watch website earlier, but haven't been able to post yet thanks to some account authorization authorization bull they're trying to pull on me.

Very slick, that motorized analog hand setting function. A real quality collector's watch, pretty sure that website will add to your watch info to their site. Kinda silly having to go thru red tape, just to post knowledge to them.

Yeah, I thought the motorized hands were pretty neat. As for the watch forums my activation actually just came in about 20 minutes ago or so via email and I'll be able to get on and post later tonight.
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