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Re: Pet Pics

by SuperDerpBro Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:01 am

Dang Jagosaurus that really hit home. Sorry for your loss :/

I'm going though basically the same thing with my lil bud. Going deaf, loosing teeth (thousands is vet bills :/), can't see as well, can't hold his pee an entire night. He's even become terribly afraid of the bedroom for some reason so i sleep on the couch with/for him most nights :/

This is Noodles




Still loves cleaning pots! Haha. Looks young cause he is white and you can't see the white in his eyes in this pic, heh. Sucks knowing that day is coming very soon. He's 14 IIRC. Gonna miss the little fucker. He's basically my best friend.
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