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Preview of "Games That Pushed The Limits Part 3"

by racketboy Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:02 pm

Here's my rough notes for the first section of "Part 3"
Let me know of what needs to be added, subtracted, or corrected.

If you know anything cool about any of these games, feel free to add a sentence or paragraph.

Keep in mind, these notes are still fairly rough.

Metal Gear Solid
MGS is a pretty easy choice for the PS1.

If your main interest of a videogame is its graphics, Metal Gear Solid will not disappoint. Presented in a unique way, it uses the same mind-boggling game engine for its real-time cinemas that creates a seamless transition from a game sequence to a cut-scene. Game director Hideo Kojima has also implemented a blurring effect to give Metal Gear Solid a movie-like feel...and it works. Every cinema looks like a movie sequence because of Kojima's aspiration to become a film director.

Sometimes overlooked, but no less important, is a game's music and sound. Metal Gear Almost all objects (including Snake himself) are polygonal. There are few clipping errors and the characters move smoothly. The level of detail is unrivaled - you make footprints in the snow that will eventually get covered up by snowfall. You can identify guards and other characters by their breath in the cold air. Water effects are accurate, light sourcing is dead-on, and the textures are solid.

However, Metal Gear's solid works get slowed by a few wrenches. An inconsistent frame rate occasionally stalls the eye-catching graphics. Especially annoying are instances where you zoom in with binoculars or the rifle scope, and the graphics slow to a crawl while you pan back and forth. ... esentation
In the PlayStation version Psycho Mantis could scan the memory card for other Konami games and comment if some games were found, ask the player to drop his DualShock controller pad on the ground and use "Psychokinesis" to move it, and turn the screen all black with the words "HIDEO" (in reference to Hideo Kojima) on the top corner of the screen (similar to an input channel). . In the Japanese version, if save files from both Snatcher and Policenauts are found when Mantis is reading the memory card, a message from Kojima himself expressing his gratitude is played.

Finally, during the Revolver Ocelot torture sequence, he warned about the player using a controller with an auto-fire function; if the game detected a number of presses too high, it would trigger a game over. After the first two torture sessions, Naomi Hunter, in a Codec conversation, comforts Snake's sores--the player's supposed sore arm after the torture sequence--by asking the player to place the controller on his shoulder. The controller then vibrates, under the guise that it is the nanomachines in Snake's blood that is easing his tense muscles. If the game is played without the DualShock controller, the game scenes involving the DualShock are absent from the game.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX
While it didn't quite live up to all the hype in terms of gameplay, Final Fantasy IX pushed the envelope in terms of the Playstation's graphical ability.

It easily set the stage for the PS2 and the likes of Final Fantasy X.

Parasite Eve II

Chrono Cross

Honorable Mentions:
Gran Turismo 2 - The cars sport reflective surfaces, which give them a convincing metallic shine. I realize that it's just a visual trick intended to add to the realism, but it bothers me when cars go through a tunnel and sunlight still bounces off their hoods.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - SOTN made the Playstation (or even the PS2's backwards compatibility) cry with the heavy 2D work in order to provide a breathtaking experience. We are still waiting for a Castlevania that can top this puppy.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - SFA3 is right up there with SOTN for top 2D honors. Alpha 3 did not get as good of console ports as some of Capcom's other fighters. While it is missing some frames of animation (the Playstation has less RAM to hold them), it performs respectively in other aspects, including having some of the tightest controls among the console ports.

Einhander - Obviously, just about everything Square touched on the PSX was quite a beauty -- and it wasn't just RPGs. Square dove into the shmup arena by bringing us Einhander.

Vagrant Story - This beautiful RPG is generally overshadowed by Square's other titles such when it's arguably one of the best games on PlayStation. The art direction for Vagrant Story is just amazing, and has outstanding animation.

Resident Evil 3
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by Saraph Fri Feb 17, 2006 1:17 pm

Later today I'll help out with the summaries for a few PSX games. I'm not a sony fan at all, but out of all the consoles, the PSX probably had the most games that pushed it's limits. Do NOT write an FFVIII summary without me!
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by racketboy Fri Feb 17, 2006 2:22 pm

you better hurry :)
I've already started and I'm hoping to publish on Sunday :)

Let me know what other PSX titles you're thinking of.
The Playstation is the one I'm having the hardest time with.
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by racketboy Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:02 pm

I think I'm only going to publish the Jaguar through the Saturn this weekend -- otherwise, it's going to be a VERY long blog post!

by retrogamer Fri Feb 17, 2006 8:43 pm

I fully agree with your list, however Nights Into Dreams should be added to the Saturn list. It really showed what the Saturn was capable of.
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by lunar Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:09 pm

Last Bronx (based on VF2 engine) and Sonic R were visually impressive 3D titles as well
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by racketboy Sat Feb 18, 2006 9:44 pm

Part 2 is up now.
(But I may add Last Bronx later)

Part 3 is nearly done, but may still need some help with the PSOne
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