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Idea for article

by ravenmgs Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:02 pm

I would like to see an article on the best two player cooperative games. Other then NeoGeo games and Guardian Heroes, I really don't have any good "co-op" games in my game library. I am interested to know what kind of real “cooperative” games there are out there, not just two player.
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by Jubal Fri Feb 17, 2006 5:57 am

I want to second this...

here's my list of 'I need to figure out' list

NES/SNES/Genesis 2 player on screen at once 'co op'
borad game to NES game conversions
atari 2600 2 player on screen at once
atari 2600 4 player on screen at once (like warlords paddle game)

I did a little looking and made a list of NES lightgun/Zapper compatible carts

Title Company
----- -------

Adventures of Bayou Billy (Gun Opt.) Konami
Baby Boomer (Gun Optional) Color Dreams
Chiller (Gun Optional) American Game Carts Inc
Duck Hunt (Gun Required) Nintendo
Freedom Force (Gun Required) Sunsoft
Gotcha! (Gun Required) LJN
Gum Shoe (Gun Required) Nintendo
Hogan's Alley (Gun Required) Nintendo
Laser Invasion (Gun Required) Konami
Lone Ranger, The (Gun Optional) Konami
Mechanized Attack (Gun Required) SNK
Operation Wolf (Gun Optional) Taito
Shooting Range (Gun Optional) Bandai
To The Earth (Gun Required) Nintendo
Trick Shooting (Gun Required) Nintendo
Wild Gunman (Gun Required) Nintendo
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