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Re: what in your opinion are the worst jrpgs

by Ack Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:21 am

the7k wrote:Which always confused me, because I felt like FF7 was more or less just retreading the same water FF6 did. Same ATB system, materia was more or less just a slight deviation on magicite, similar story, similar level of technology, etc. FF6 was a bit more grimdark and due to it's 2D graphics has certainly aged a lot better, but that's about it.

I disagree on this, particularly on the materia versus magicite system. Materia didn't have the same stat-influencing properties and even leveled up kept characters limited in what they could do spell-wise compared to the open "everybody can do this" system of FF6. Also the materia system had an influence on the simplified equipment system for FF7, to keep characters from being able to equip too much of it.

In general I'd say characters found themselves much more specialized in FF7, with tailored weapons, a heavy focus on personal limit breaks, and a constricted magic system. I'm not saying they were only specialized, as many of these constrictions could be circumvented or gotten around, but they didn't have nearly the versatility of FF6's everyone-can-learn magic system or mostly open equipment system.
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Re: what in your opinion are the worst jrpgs

by 3DSStrider Fri Oct 30, 2015 10:50 am

laurenhiya21 wrote:Oh man, playing PS3 games on small CRTs is really challenging. I only had this really tiny, bad quality one for when I was in school last year... I had to sit really close to it to see anything, and even then a lot of times I couldn't play the game at all because the text was so blurry ><

So glad I have access to a HD TV now.

I had to play PS3 on a CRT for my school's video game club yesterday. It was an absolute pain playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam because we couldn't make out anything on the map. But we mostly played Third Strike, and that was perfectly fine.
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Re: what in your opinion are the worst jrpgs

by BoneSnapDeez Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:34 pm

Yeah Final Fantasy VI and VII feel completely different to me, despite being members of the same series and having some similar battle/magic mechanics. FFVI moves along at a breakneck pace and features an incredible amount of intrigue and drama while FFVII, well, lacks all of these things. The games that remind me most of FFVI are its immediate predecessors (IV and V), Chrono Trigger, and probably a few Japan-exclusive titles that I can't think of at the moment.
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