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Saturn Dracula X (SOTN) is getting an English Translation !

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:14 am
by Ziggy587 ... otn.24647/

The member Knight0fDragon over on the SegaXtreme forums is giving an English translation to the Sega Saturn version of Symphony of the Night! It's already in an alpha state that you can download and try. Most of the items and enemies are translated and some of the story as well.

Unfortunately, this translation is not compatible with the 4MB RAM cart hack that was recently released. On November 1st, Knight0fDragon posted "As of right now, there is no way my patch and the 4MB patch are compatible. YZB would have to some how rebuild it with my files."

For those that don't know, YZB is the guy that made the 4MB RAM cart hack for the Saturn version of SOTN. This hack gives the game some huge quality of life improvements. There is a hotkey to pull up the map screen (R+B) and there is much less of a delay to go in and out of the menu, which basically gives you instant access to the map and menu where as in the vanilla version there was a long delay to get into the menu and getting in and out of the map was a nightmare. This hack also has faster loading for the teleport rooms, the ability to skip cut scenes, and easier inputs for Maria's spells.

Once the English translation is finished, I really hope that YZB or someone will make the 4MB hack compatible with the translation. After waiting for so many years, it would be a shame to have to choose between playing in English or playing in Japanese but with the huge improvements.

Re: Saturn Dracula X (SOTN) is getting an English Translatio

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 10:44 pm
by Ziggy587
So I posted my thoughts regarding the YZB quality of life improvements over on the forums, and it turns out that knight0fdragon is a member there and responded to my post. It sounds like he is implementing his own quality of life improvements, so the YZB 4MB hack might be irrelevant.

He stated that his translation will have the ability to skip cutscenes.

Regarding the delay to enter and exit the menu, it sounds like this will be improved. And possibly more than the YZB hack did. With his translation hack, the game will no longer switch resolutions to go into the menu. This, among other things, should help with that delay. But this is also HUGE for anyone using an upscaler (or anything that has a resync delay when switching resolutions).

It sounds like he will be working on file order, which should help with load times. I would expect the improvements (small or large) to be game-wide, but he also cited this as one of the causes for the menu delay.

I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like he may be doing something regarding the in-game map as well.

This is all great news. I know the Saturn port of Symphony has its problems, but I believe it is absolutely still worth playing because of the content unique to this version (at least, for fans of the game that have already played the PS1 version).

Re: Saturn Dracula X (SOTN) is getting an English Translatio

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:19 am
by Anapan
I remember finding and translating the on-disc file KCEN (Konami Nogaya) left porting apology.
I remember the quotes "the tear" and "the sweat drop" along with "unsuitability" and "time to cry".
I've been following this effort for a while, and I'm glad this is arriving at public beta. It was quite a struggle to find ways of automated un-widening of the graphics. Many I just manually un-scaled because it was faster.