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Re: Dragon Force

by pierrot Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:32 pm

SpaceBooger wrote:Zanon is driving me nuts. He still runs away or escapes after being beaten. The problem is that when he escapes he goes to the right of my castle and then comes back. Now I have to take Wein along that path to get to some tower, but Zanon is in the way and I keep hearing him causing him to continue to block the path again. So now I have to take a crazy long and homemade path and as a result gave the castle to Zanon. I can't wait to take it back from that dirtbag!

Yeah, he just does that, ad nauseam, until you trigger a bunch of sub events that I had to look at a walkthrough for, when I played it. I also played as Wein, so I kind of think I remember the scenario you're talking about with him, and trying to beat him back to the nearby outpost castle, after taking Wein into his castle, and forcing him to retreat back into it. I'm pretty sure what I eventually did was just stationed a couple of groups in those two castles that I knew could handle his group, and let him keep trying to take his castle back.

I don't remember exactly what events have to be triggered to make him actually beatable, but I think they're a bit later in the campaign, anyway. Also, it may have involved discovering items in certain outpost castles, or something like that. I would honestly just recommend looking at a guide for it.
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