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Saturn ROMs via Video CD Port Mod [EDIT - FOUND]

by Jagosaurus Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:19 pm

Okay, just listened to Pat Contri's most recent Completely Unnecessary Podcast. There was a decently long segment over a person in the modding and chip tunes scenes (he made a flash cart for the gameboy aimed at music devs IIRC?) that has found a way to run ROMs via the SS VCD port/slot. This bypasses the standard disc copy protection without a mod chip as VCDs do not have the layer of protection on them SS disc do and they can run when the VCD has a MPEG card in it.

First, smart.... how has no one thought of that yet.

Second, I can't find anything on this. Anyone have info?

I initially thought they were mixed up with the recent Action Replay flashing, but then they mentioned he is working on a USB to VCD port mod that will allow you to run ROMs directly off a USB drive. Too many details directly aimed at VCD port to be a mix up.

Any info out there? Sounds like an amazing project.


EDIT - See this thread .... remembered there was info on this subforum about the PSX ISO/PSIO project...


Still good info for anyone who only checks the Sega subforum. :D
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