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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by Dup Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:24 am

Now I want a copy of Power Strike 2 it seems like one will never pop up, I saw one sell last year for $16.

Anyway, I've been playing Castle Of Illusion all night, amazing game.
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by Hobie-wan Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:57 am

Dup wrote:Now I want a copy of Power Strike 2 it seems like one will never pop up, I saw one sell last year for $16.


That would be a crazy price. I was keeping an eye out for it, unless that one was after I finally got myself a copy. However there are 3 copies on ebay right now even if 2 of them are ridiculous and the other will surely shoot up in the 6 days it has left. The worst of the 3 even has a manual. ... 4aa88c0f7d ... 19c2d5e939 ... 230e26d8ea
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by Evildeadmanwalking77 Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:36 pm

When I got my SMS in December 1988 it had Hang On & Safari Hunt built into the system which was weird but kind of cool at the same time. I had Ghostbusters, Alf, Rocky, and Shinobi. I borrowed a few games from the one other kid I knew that had the system, one of them was one of those card/disk games Ghost House (I think it was called?) and Alien Syndrome. I liked both of those games actually, along with the games I already had. There's just something about the SMS that was (and still is) appealing to me. Unfortunately, it's the one system that didn't survive in my collection but thanks to the miracle of emulation & ROMs all is not lost and I can still relive those great memories of what I enjoyed about it and discover new gems at the same time! :wink:
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by Pappas215 Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:00 pm

The SMS is def one of my favorite systems. My first system was a 2600 then all my friends went NES so I decided to go SMS.

To this day one of my favorite shooters is Astro Warrior which came on the same cart as hang on as the pack in games.

I loved the SMS - everything about it - the graphics, the look of it, the games. I thought it blew away nintendo at the time.

I always loved Alex Kidd in Miracle World and still play it often. I definitely feel it was far superior to Mario Bros. I mean I love mario bros. but Alex Kidd in Miracle World had so much different game4 play - verticle platforming, under water levels, motor bikes, helicopter things and it just felt a lot faster.

My sister and I would play Wonder Boy in Monster Land for hours - that game BLEW AWAY zelda. Then you had after burner, which back then felt like having the arcade system in my living room. Another favorite was F16 fighting falcon which was a card game. I thought it was soo crazy and next level having to use both controllers to fly the jet. Choplifter was another favorite then and I probably play it the most now.

So many fond memories and I still play it at least a few times a week.
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by flojocabron Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:20 am

Bumping for some needed love for the master system.
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by TheSegaSaturnGuy Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:09 am

Well since Flo thinks we need some more love then I will share my experience with the almighty SMS. I bought mine back in January of this year. I had been wanting one for a couple years but I wanted to get it in the box (as I try to do with as many consoles as I can). Well I finally came across a complete boxed SMS with the 3D Glasses and snagged it for 55 bucks. It came with Safari Hunt/Hang On but I wanted to play Double Dragon so bad. I bought Double Dragon, Shinobi, and TransBot (the Card game thing). Since getting in those 3 months ago I have beaten Double Dragon 3 times and Shinobi about 4 times. I find TransBot to be really hard lol. I am going pretty soon to pick up a few more games because I think I can beat Double Dragon and Shinobi with my eyes closed lol. The SMS is an awesome system and it is #2 on my favorite systems behind my Sega Saturn.
I am buying all Saturn games, PM me with your offerings and I will let you know if I need the game or not! (Everything must be CIB)

Currently trying to knock off all the sports games, would like to get them <$5 each! Of course if you would like to donate them I will gladly pay the shipping! :)
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by alexis524 Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:57 am

I'll show some love here too. I grew up with the SMS. I remember seeing it at one of my friends house who was a few years older and worked. He had a hella big collection and teh system just drew me in. I pleaded with my dad to buy us one, which he did. I can remember playing Hang-ON forever and pwning it since we didn't have any other games. I remember cruising the aisles of Service Merchandise and seeing Kenseiden, Aztec Adventure, and Wonderboy in Monster Land displayed and couldn't wait to buy anyone of them. We brought home Aztec Adventure and it was on. Loved that game, had a blast finally beating it. Then Kenseiden. God I loved that game, and still do. I can remember the fun I had with Alex Kidd in Miracle World and how punishing it was with limited lives and no continues(?) I can remember the day my mom bought me Alex Kidd in Hi Tek World and the fun I had with it. Zillion got slayed, Miracle Warriors, Golvellius, Thunder Blade, Captain Silver, Enduro Racer, Out Run all were good times and great games to go through. I remember pre-ordering Psycho Fox from some game magazine and it taking forever and a day to receive. It took so long (not in kid years either, i'm talking grown-up time-frames here) I honestly gave up on ever receiving it and honestly forgot about it. Then it arrived one day, and I couldn't have been more happier and had so much fun with it.

The Master System really is special to me and I can remember so much about where I was when I got each game. What the weather was like, who I was with, and how the new cart and manual smelled when i unwrapped it. I still have a SMS in my collection with a small collection of games. Good times when everything was so much simpler :)
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by cookie monster Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:44 am

I had never seen a sms till i stopped at a yard sale and found this big magical cardboard box full sega goodies it was the system,gun,glasses and around 30 games. I asked the lady what she wanted and she hollered to her kid who said 5.00. I got home and threw in rescue mission and have been collecting since.
To date i have 86 games for it one day i hope to have all the us releases. I did sell my first sms to get the convertor but recently ended up getting a lot of systems
that had 2 sms systems in it both worked great. I decided to keep the one though it needs a new shell cause it is missing large chunks of it's shell :cry:
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by CamaroCam Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:45 am

Up until last year, I had zero experience with the SMS. I had heard and read about it quite a bit, before. But growing up on NES games, it seemed odd to me and I was ultimately uninterested.

Then, last summer, I ran across an auction on eBay for a Master System with 14 games. I won the auction and got my SMS for $46 shipped. Not a bad price, but an amazing console.

I especially love the SMS versions of Rampage and Ghostbusters. Those are some of my favorite NES games, but they are both so much better on the Master System.

Overall, it's a great console that I enjoy collecting for, and playing on.
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Re: The Master Sytem Appreciation Thread

by SNKnicotine Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:19 am

When I bought my SMS, first thing I did was play R-Type. I almost shat myself when I saw, how awesome the game was and how advanced the SMS was for it's time. But then again sega has always been ahead of it's time. :D

If you have not played the SMS or are looking for games, one word ZILLION!!
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