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Oddball DC Burning Problem (Using Mac)

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:15 pm
by All Hail The New Flesh
I am having trouble with the Bleem!Cast version of Thrill Kill, I just do my old mac routine of burning DC games but Thrill Kill has that strange little files like the first file is data and from 2-14 is audio tracks and 15 is the "header" type data. I kinda feel stupid about this, but do I have to burn the data track first then add the 13 audio tracks and then add the header type file? or do I have to do something else, burning the cdi file is out of the question since Toast can't burn DiskJuggler formated files.

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 10:11 pm
by grittykitty
whoa-ho-ho buddy, that's pretty complicated stuff. i've successfully burned audio first session and date 2nd session, but never 3 session discs. hell, i didn't know that was possible. might be a good idea to borrow a friend's pc for this, especially since this is an unusual case (i've never heard of a 3 session game - emulator or not. guess you'd just be out one cd-r if you tried a single time. to leave the standard 2 sec pause between each audio track is the only helpful advice i can offer. for dc burning, toast 5 is my preference