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Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:27 am
by lordofduct
Mozgus wrote:
lordofduct wrote:off topic? OH I was just rambling about how with such knowledge one could build there own means of hooking up possibly HDDs (which actually has been done)

Show linkage of it being done.

Oh shit, it has been some time since I saw it being done. It was back on SX... it'll take lots of rummaging for me to find it.

I will say though it wasn't getting an HDD to work with the DC as a tool for loading games. They used it to load Linux on the thing and games actually couldn't be played on it, also the speed of the bus was so low it made load times unbearable (so the maker stated... I believe it was like 50Mbits/sec).

I was only stating that with ingenuity and skill one could make a working HDD for loading games, and I've seen things baby steps towards it, but long way off.


Not the site I originally read it at though... but this is a site describing how it is done.

They also have a NIC too

There is the index of the site.

I also read on the site that performance is a lot less then I stated... not 50Mbits... more like 840Kilobits. Oh dear is that slow. But that really isn't the busses fault which means it could be sped up with a knowledgeable person tweaking on it.