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How does all this sound for a retro Sega fan's collection?

by HyperBolt Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:59 pm

Heres the stuff I have collected over the years regarding games:

Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
Sonic & Knuckles
NBA Live 95
Barkley Shut up And Jam!
NHL 96
Wrestlemania the Arcade game

I also own a Sega Nomad with AC adaptor and the video jack device for playing on my TV. Also have the battery pack.

Sega 32X with these games

Virtua Fighter

Not to mention I have a Sega Saturn with these games:
Battle Arena Toshenden Remix
NBA Jam Extreme
NBA Live 97

Considering most of the games I own are sports titles, mostly the NBA games, excluding those how does all this fare up to be even considered a collection?
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by Zalphier Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:31 pm

Well, in legitness

Sonic 2
Sonic 3(I have two of these, don't ask why)
Sonic & Knuckles
Shining in the Darkness, here goes:
Sonic 3d blast
Daytona USA
Virtua Fighter
Virtue Fighter 2
Sega Rally
Virtua Cop
Virtua Cop 2
And games that don't have a case :)

I don't own a 32x yet, as I can't find one WITH hookups...

And I don't have a single legit Dreamcast game(that I know of...)

Of the systems I own

n64, currently I have two, the pikachu one, and one that is now just a board...It's for a project , playstation which works for me no more, dreamcast, saturn, Genesis...model 1. Yay for Headphone port! I dk how many other people found this useful, but I did, I'll add some pc speakers to it :)
I don't actually own any games for n64 or playstation, as I sold them. I didn't have an attachment to them, however, I kept the systems. This is of course, stuff previous of the current gen

Edit: After checking my saturn collection, I noticed I missed some games lol. But anything of importance, I'd have to say Pandemonium!. That game was pretty awesome, but not many have played it.
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by Saraph Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:17 pm

Hmm. Well then! I'd like to own all the Sonic games but alas, I'll settle for a compilation CD.


Night's Into Dreams
Street Fighter Zero
Street Fighter Alpha
Street Fighter Zero 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Zero 2'
Street Fighter Zero 3
Street Fighter Collection (JP)
Street Fighter Collection (US)
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter


Marvel Vs. Capcom
Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future

All saturn games are in mint - near mint condition.

I used to own a bunch of Capcom fighters for the Dreamcast until I got into a car accident. They were in the car and scattered everywhere I assume. I never saw them again. Luckily I found out I could burn games a few months later so I wasn't that heart broken. All the games I can probably get for under $30 on e-bay now anyways.
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by HyperBolt Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:19 pm

I'll exchange some of my genesis games for some of those saturn games, that is hypothetically speaking though, I bought my 32X within the past month on my birthday, got the genesis model 2 to replace my still working model 1 unit the 32x just looks nicer with the genesis 2 system.

But yeah you got a good set of Saturn games, mines lacking quality.
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by Zalphier Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:47 pm

I just need sonic 3d Blast to have the entire(sonic starring) genesis sonic collection, though I have it for the saturn, I still like to be a completest. After that, I just need cameo games, you know, like that wacky world game, basically, child activities with sonic and tails to guide you through. That game has been sitting in the play n trade store for ever since I've been here, lol. I'll be sure to get it next time, though no rush, it's going no where :/
Saturn is my favorite system, (atm, it may change when I finally get a ps2 this year, lol. Rpgasm :) )
And as such, I pay more attention to it when collecting for it.
Genesis, however, I have become more inclined to collect for it recently(I only bought the thing like, 3 or four days ago, I'll definatly be getting more games for it. Right now, I'm thinking of getting mortal kombat.
As for hookups, I'm looking for a 32x and CD, which opens up tons more gaming possibilities :) Once I get a 32x, I'll go on a 32x game collecting frenzy, I mean, the thing only had 36 game releases in the us. The ONLY game I haven't seen in RL on it, is spider man. Which I hear is rare :) Also, I've only ever seen Knuckles Chaotix a couple times in my life, so wish me luck :) (note: I have played knuckles chaotix through emulation, I don't see why people give it a hard time :/ I thought it was great. Though not as fast, it was still playable. And even more than that, It's graphics I thought were superb. (though it did heavily rely on special effects... zoom, scaling, rotation, the work)
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