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Sega Saturn questions

by Elemental Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:45 am


I am new to the forum but have been a Sega fan since I got my Genesis for Christmas many years ago. I am still a huge fan of the Dreamcast. I just never got a chance to get a Saturn, so I think it is about time I get one.

I just have a couple of questions related to hardware. I am going to go to a local used game store to pick up the Saturn, so I will be able to see the units before I buy them (they said they have more than one in stock). From what I have read, the model I want (best for modding) has round buttons, not the oval buttons, and is the second generation unit? Is there any way I can tell for sure by looking at the model number on the back or something?

Also, I am a bit confused as to how saved games work on the Saturn. Does it have an internal memory chip to save games on? If so, would I still need something like this, which says it acts as a memory card?

Lastly, if there are any very common games that you can recommend to get me started, that would be great, because the store only has the common ones. If I cannot find them there, I will get some on ebay.

Thanks in advance,
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by Mozgus Fri Nov 17, 2006 3:22 am

In USA, if it has round buttons, it's pretty much a sure-fire model 2, which is what you want for mod chips.

Saturn has a very small internal save space, which is powered by a CR2032 battery inside a compartment on the back of the system. It tends to only last a good year before needing to be replaced. You will lose all save files when this happens. Because of this, I highly suggest you look into getting a memory card which supports direct saving, or an Action Replay cart which requires that you copy over your saves manually, from the cart's BIOS screen. If you ever intend on playing any legit import games, then you should go with the action replay, as that is one of it's many functions.

For good common games:
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