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Sin and Punishment - N64 Translation ReadMe

Download the Translation Patch Here

Made for rom header: TSUMI TO BATSU
Website - http://vanitstudios.burn.at
Email - burningferret@hotmail.com or burningferret@msn.com
I translated this wonderful game because it is just so great and lots of people didn't give it the time it deserved because it wasn't in their native language. However, now you will be able to enjoy this game in full English curtesy of yours truly.


You might find yourself wondering how to install this translation because I did not make it in the ordinary way. So with this release I have also attached the required plugins and if you read on I will explain how to use them.

Files Attached In Folder 'Rice':

HiRezTexture.txt - has additional information on the plugin
RiceVideo6.1.0-Readme.txt - even more information
hires_texture - this one is an empty folder, put it there anyways to save confusion

^Plop all of these into the plugin folder of the N64 emulator of your choosing^


^Plop this into the MAIN folder of the same emulator of your choosing^

Now in that empty folder in your plugin directory (hires_texture) place the 'TSUMI TO BATSU' folder. Then after that open your emulator and set the graphics plugin to 'Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 beta 10'... AFTER THAT... yes we're almost done; run the game and then go to the graphics options, then the 'Texture Filters' tab, and lastly make sure that the 'Load hi-res textures if available' box is checked, if it already is then just click 'Ok' and away you go! Enjoy!

1Q Is the game COMPLETELY translated to English?
1A Most probably! There's probably a few things I missed out that I'll add in the next release.

2Q What DID you leave out?
2A I didn't get a chance to include the tranlsations of the features you get from finishing Normal and Hard mode.

3Q I can't get the translation to load, why?
3A Chances are you don't have the correct rom. Try getting another one.

4Q Is it properly translated or did you guess some of it?
4A 99% of this translation is accurate and I only guessed a single sentence in the demo tutorial.

5Q I found some parts that are still Japanese, what do I do?
5A Email me where you found them and I'll fix them for the next release.

If you have any more questions email me at the address at the top of this document
Special Thanks:
TheFreak - You provided the translation of the epilogue! Have a cookie!
Rice - You made the plugin that made this possible!