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Racketboy Podcast #22 – PAX East 2011

Once again, the podcast ventured to PAX East to bring back interesting interviews for our listeners.  After some reflection by Dave and Nick about their experience this year, the rest of the podcast features interviews with a couple of the independent developers at this year’s show who were working on retro-inspired games. Albert Reed, Studio […]

Racketboy Podcast #19 – Atari 2600 Homebrew

This episode takes a look at the Atari 2600 Homebrew Scene. Ed Fries, creator of Halo 2600, is a long time industry veteran who ran Microsoft Game Studios from the mid 1990s through the life cycle of the original Xbox.  In the interview Ed discusses his first published games for the Atari 800, the early […]

Racketboy Podcast #18 – MechCorps @ DragonCon

The focus for this episode of the podcast is a recording of a DragonCon 2010 panel hosted by our own fastbilly1. The interview is with Frogg of MechCorps, a Houston-based BattleTech group who runs custom hardware and software to get the most out of mech-based games.  Their group is quite interesting, and the interview sheds […]

Racketboy Podcast #17 – Live @ TooManyGames II

The podcast was live last weekend at the TooManyGames convention in Wyomissing, PA and held a panel with three of the people from the show… Brandon DiCamilo Brandon DiCamillo, who was at the show promoting his new DVD Cattle Bag, is best known for his work with MTV’s Jackass crew and CKY.  He also holds the […]

Podcast #16 – Mike Posehn & Dave Foley on the Strike Series

This episode of the podcast focuses on this month’s Together Retro game Urban Strike and the Strike Series as a whole. David R. Foley Dave Foley, who recorded this interview for us back in January, was one of the key contributors to Urban Strike.  In the interview he discusses the work on the game, the […]

Racketboy Podcast #15 – Indie Shmups

This bulky episode of the podcast looks at three smaller independent companies who are working on shoot ‘em up titles for current gen systems.  Each guest had quite a lot to say about the state of shmups, the industry, and working for a small company. BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW TO FIND OUT […]

Racketboy Podcast #14 – Retroware TV

It’s no secret that retro gamers have many options when it comes to viewing web videos devoted to classic games.  Especially in the last few years, gamers have been able to find reviews for a wide variety of games for almost every system ever made.  This episode of the podcast focuses on one of the […]

Racketboy Podcast #13: Garnet Hertz’s Outrun Project

For this month’s Together Retro, we have focused on Sega’s arcade classic Outrun.  In that article we mentioned some “really crazy fans” who were converting an Outrun arcade cab into an actual street vehicle.  Dr. Garnet Hertz is the man behind that project. Garnet Hertz Dr. Garnet Hertz is an artist, scientist, and critic whose […]

Racketboy Podcast #12: Console Modding w/ Ben Heck & Bacteria

Many retro gamers have had the occasion to pull apart their old hardware to replace or clean bits and pieces, but few of us have ventured into the realm that is the subject of this episode of the podcast: console case modification. The two guests for this show are known across the web for their […]

Racketboy Podcast #11 – Live @ TooManyGames

On April 18th the podcast was recorded live in front of an audience at the TooManyGames convention in Reading, PA.  It was the first time we’ve tried this live, and by in large things went pretty well!  We had a great set of guests, a live tournament during the show, and some audience Q+A near […]

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