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Racketboy Podcast #35 – Amateur Auteurism

In this episode our hosts welcome forum member JT to editorialize on auteur theory in gaming, discuss what they’d give up gaming for, contemplate Final Fantasy censorship, and ponder selling out. We’re on Twitter: @racketboypodcst [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download RSS Feed: Subscribe to iTunes Show Outline: (“Four Brave Champions” – Castle Crashers) […]

Racketboy Podcast #34 – PAX East 2012

  Another PAX East, another year of stellar podcast coverage. This year we rounded up representatives from three upcoming games that are sure to make your retro sensibilities tingle and hit them with a barrage of questions.  Specifically, we chatted up folks working on Double Dragon Neon, Sonic 4 Episode 2, and Dust: An Elysian […]

Racketboy Podcast #33 – Tony Hawk’s Global Warming

Dave and John talk about the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series with Expert Correspondent TEKTORO, mull the fate of classic games being ported to touch devices, delve into a too-long discussion about their history of playing RPGs, weigh in on the Mass Effect 3 controversies, and go on for far too long in this most […]

Racketboy Podcast #32 – XSEED and Endless History on Ys, Trails, and Falcom

  This 97-minute episode of the show features Tom Lipshultz from XSEED games and Kirsten Miller from Endless History each talking about their role in localizing, sharing, archiving, and generally evangelizing two great RPG series – Ys and The Legend of Heroes – both of which were created by Japanese developer Nihon Falcom.  The interview […]

Racketboy Podcast #31 – The Reset Button

  In this first podcast of 2012 we finally unveil the new format for the show – one that will combine the best of the existing show with a slew of new features that people have wanted to see introduced. First and foremost, the show now has a co-host: John Stringer (jmustang1968 from the forums) […]

Racketboy Podcast – Special LIVE Show

  Dave decided to hold a spontaneous live call-in show to coincide with the end of this year’s charity auction, and now those of you who missed it while it went down can listen to the entire sordid affair, preserved for posterity.  This is quite different than a normal show (thus it isn’t numbered), and […]

Racketboy Podcast #30 – Henry Lowood on Game Preservation

Henry Lowood, Ph.D. Henry Lowood was the leader of the first “Preserving Digital Worlds” group, funded by the U.S. Library of Congress, and is currently involved in “Preserving Digital Worlds II” as well as in the “How They Got Game” project at Stanford University.  He is a well-known advocate for ensuring that future generations have […]

Summer of the DIY Arcade pt2: The MAME Cabinet & X-Arcade Tankstick

Presented by Dsheinem In my previous entry, I discussed how I got the notion at the 2011 PAX East convention that it was high time for me to introduce some form of arcade gaming (beyond arcade sticks) into my home retro gaming setup.  My first foray into this – and something that would prove to […]

Racketboy Podcast #29 – Final Form Games

Final Form Games Final Form games are the creators of the acclaimed 2011 PC shoot-em-up Jamestown, a rousing success on the Steam platform and one of the best indie games of the year.  For this episode of the podcast, I sat down in person with the three man team that runs the studio – Hal […]

Racketboy Podcast #28 – The Protomen

THE PROTOMEN The Protomen have been rocking a unique brand of rock and roll – one inspired by the Mega Man Universe – for the past eight years.  The day after their rocking show at this year’s PAX East, the Racketboy Podcast caught up with them to ask them about the past, present, and future […]

Racketboy Podcast #27 – Speed Demos Archive

The good people over at Speed Demos Archive are having a marathon this weekend that you should check out.  They will be doing speed runs in 50 games over 3 days in an effort to raise money for autism research.  In this interview, several of the SDA staff talk at length about this and past […]

Racketboy Podcast #26 – The Able Gamers

Mark Barlet, Dr. Ben Hertz, and Steve Spohn of the Able Gamers   The Able Gamers have been working since 2004 to make a wider variety of games accessible to a wider variety of gamers. They do fascinating work, bringing together the gaming industry and gamers with disabilities, their families and friends, and an active […]

Podcast #24 – Let’s Get Shakes With PBC

Let’s Get Shakes With PBC This episode features an interview with Brett Vanderbrook and Chad Williams of PBC Productions, the company responsible for The New Adventures of Captain S and many other innovative, interesting, and engaging gaming-related video projects. Brett and Chad sat in to discuss the past, present, and future of PBC, reflect on […]

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